How Podio helped Miagui improve their creative workflow

The Miagui is a creative content production studio for advertising campaigns, which executes graphic designs, photography, 3D modeling, image processing, among others. They are located in Porto Alegre, Brazil and their work is used in campaigns of important brands in the country and around the world. Cássio Braga, Miagui’s Creative Director, shared with

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Teamdeck integrates with Podio for more effective resource management

I have been using Podio at my 45-person software house for over 2 years now. From project management to recruitment, it’s been really helpful to maintain effective processes at the company (we’ve even built an internal crowdfunding platform using Podio apps!). As the team was growing, I started to notice more challenges regarding the resource

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We made Podio a more colorful place to work

My name is Cory Chase and I am a frontend developer within the Podio team. As developers, we like to work on new exciting functionality that will improve the user experience and address business needs. I have been privileged to work on improving features for the calendar this quarter that will make Podio a better

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