The Podio Blog is moving Home

Going forward, you will find news and updates from Podio team in a central hub from Citrix located here.

It has been over six years since Podio became a part of the Citrix family and we believe it is time that we break the silos and start communicating from one central place. Now in addition to Podio updates, you will find information about the family of products designed for content collaboration. The ShareFile blog is full of industry trend blog posts, conversations started by thought leaders, and practical every day tips to make business and collaboration run more smoothly. We will continue to provide general updates on the Podio product alongside topics you care about – the future of work, productivity, security and a focus on a better way to work through inspirational customer stories.

Furthermore, we will continue to offer product related news in the Community Forum here. Make sure to subscribe for updates to receive notifications in the future.

Here are all the ways you can continue to follow the Podio journey:

  • Podio blog section– relevant updates, tips & tricks on using Podio
  • ShareFile blog– relevant updates, industry trends, tips & tricks on using Podio, ShareFile, & e-signature
  • Citrix blog– relevant updates, industry trends, tips & tricks on using the Citrix suite
  • Podio product news– product specific news and updates
  • General community– join the conversation, share your feedback and learn from the community
  • API community– developer focused conversation, share your code and learn from the developer community

We look forward to continue to offer insights and updates from the new Blog section in the future!