How Radius uses Podio to get the most out of marketing events

Events are more than a “nice to have” for today’s B2B marketing teams: they’re an essential part of a successful strategy. That said, events take a huge investment of both time and money, and it’s no secret that managing multiple events requires keen attention-to-detail and powerhouse organization. Many marketers search for technology to help alleviate some of the pain that comes with juggling all of the details of a packed events calendar.

For Radius, that tool is Podio.

When I joined the Field Marketing team at Radius during Spring of last year, we already had 25 events planned, including ancillary events around major conferences, regional executive dinners, partner happy hours, and the “big one” i.e. Dreamforce. As a recent addition to a high-motor, dynamic team I had to strike a balance between onboarding into the organization seamlessly and hitting the ground running as a member of a fast-moving team.

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Driving cross-functional collaboration with MarTech

During my first three months at Radius, I reviewed and familiarized myself with the existing marketing technology: Salesforce for CRM, Marketo for Marketing Automation, Slack for communications, Google Suite for file organization, and Podio – the single platform that ties it all together and allows for organizing team communication, business processes, data and content in project management workspaces.

Podio is used by the greater Marketing Team at Radius to break down deliverables, stay on top of due dates, and most importantly, work cross functionally. Each department of the team has a different app that’s customized for its purpose. I’ve outlined examples of how Field Marketing uses Podio below to work with other teams:

  • Design team – When design assets are needed like booth graphics, swag, signage, and other digital assets, I put all request details in Podio, including due dates, and I tag the designers.
  • Web team – When I have content prepared to publish to the website, I put requests to create landing pages for events and registration pages for dinners with links to Google docs with the content copy, tagging the web team, and I follow-up with an email.
  • Product Marketing team – When I need new collateral or updates to existing collateral, or presentation decks created, I meet with the team to iron out goals and objectives, submit a Podio request, and tag PMM owners.
  • Demand Gen/ Marketing Automation – Once an email plan is finalized or a contact list is ready for upload into Marketo and Salesforce, I submit a Podio request and tag the ops team.
  • Field Marketing – Once I receive contracts for events or venues, I create a New Event Podio to document and track all event deliverables and due dates, while also assigning owners to specific tasks.

Using the different workspaces setup in Podio, along with the ability to clone previous requests, allows me to update variable data quickly and easily.

Making an impact with automation

One game-changing example of how Field Marketing is able to stay on track with all deadline-driven deliverables is automating tasks and syncing these tasks to our team Google Calendar (Gcal). This process helps our small (but mighty) team of three stay on track with –

  • Line-of-sight of tasks and upcoming events
  • Review and update tasks that sync real-time
  • Stay on schedule and support team members when they’re out of office

Integrating Podio with Gcal is a simple implementation that makes a huge impact in how Field Marketing at Radius operates today. Check out this blog to learn how we planned and executed a successful B2B event during Dreamforce.

I’ve learned more in my first year with Radius than I thought was possible. Managing Field Events can be challenging, even intimidating at times, but thanks to an incredible team, and the project management super powers of Podio, it was never overwhelming. I can’t wait to see what my next year brings.


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