2017 Year in Review

I want to take a moment and wish the Podio community a great start to 2018. We appreciate your support throughout the last year and look forward to bring more teams to a transparent and flexible work environment the coming year.

2017 has been the year of bringing even more workflow automation to you with the inclusion of GlobiFlow in the Citrix portfolio. We are happy to add significant functionality to our customers with this amazing technology.

To provide additional security, we also launched a new secure Enterprise version of Podio. Integrating your ShareFile Single Sign-On improves the login experience for Citrix customers using a larger suite of our services.

Finally, we made Podio even more flexible with the cool new customized card layout. I hope you had a chance to review your app layouts to increase productivity for your team.


Our focus in 2018 will be ensuring a stable, fast, healthy, secure, and compliant platform for your team. Our users are creating more content than ever – more than 750 million app items to date. Can we reach one billion in 2018? We hope so.


To increase productivity and automate repetitive tasks, GlobiFlow users have created more than 650.000 flows – which have triggered more than 400 million actions. There are already countless ways to use the platform, and we want to help you succeed in all of them. We will therefore focus on quality, performance, and compliance in 2018 to meet these goals.


You may have heard this before, but I would like to reiterate why Podio is here and what we believe. We believe there is a better way to work. We believe in enabling teams to work the way they want. We believe the future of work should empower the people who do the job – you, the project manager, content creator, business owner, team leader, IT manager, HR partner, or whatever hat you wear.

You should be able to decide how to structure and plan your work. You should be able to see communication in context and take action, in order to make your workday more fun and productive. If you have not created your own app to manage your work or personal life, I strongly encourage you get started – it is highly addictive.

Thank you for a great year!