Answer the call with smrtPhone - Phone System for Podio

As a Podio Partner who works with companies all over the world, one of the topics I get asked about all the time is how to best link communications into Podio, specifically phone and SMS.

As a business owner myself (who uses Podio to run a couple of businesses) I know exactly how important it is to be able to see the activity and communication between my team and our clients – communication can be the difference between happy clients, and ex-clients. In the past, I’ve tried to integrate existing VoIP systems into Podio, with limited success. The problem has always been the simple fact that these systems haven’t really been designed to work with Podio, so the integration was always…forced.

In September of this year, we changed all of that, when we (along with our partners at launched smrtPhone to the Podio community at Podio’s Copenhagen office.

Today I wanted to give you three ways smrtPhone is making a massive difference to my companies (and to the rest of the smrtPhone user community).

Built For Podio

smrtPhone doesn’t just integrate with Podio, it’s built specifically for it! We connect directly to your existing CRM apps in Podio and use those as your phone’s address book.

All of your calls and texts are automatically logged in Podio, and linked to the correct people in your contact app. Even better, with our free Google Chrome extension, you can translate all phone fields in Podio into “call with smrtPhone” fields, which means a simple one-click solution for rapidly calling your contacts.

“smrtPhone has really enhanced our call productivity” says Suresh Paul, Director of Equal Adventure, a non-profit that helps disabled people engage in adventure, sport and and active lifestyle. “Being able to call directly from Podio with a single click has been a real game-changer for us. Chris, who has limited use of his hands, now only has to at message me on a call and say “this is what has happened listen to the recording”. It has quadrupled his productivity, reduced his frustration, and enabled him to take a good place in the team.”

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Perfect for businesses on the move

One of my biggest “phone headaches” over the years has been the simple fact that my company has offices in multiple countries, and staff members who work all over the place (from home, remotely or on the road).

The dream scenario for me has always been a phone system that works for everyone in my company, wherever they are, and gives me one centralised management console (and one simple transparent billing platform). smrtPhone gives me that dream. I can buy numbers in over forty countries and have them managed in one platform, with one bill. Even better, all of my staff can use the phone wherever they are in the world, and have everything perfectly logged.

Just yesterday I was sitting in my office in Poland having a call using my USA Toll-Free number with a prospect in California. Everything in one system….all logged automatically in Podio.

Not just phone calls…your SMS productivity can soar!

I know that for some of our clients text messages are a critical part of their business communication mix. We’ve seen this to be particularly true with Real Estate businesses, who use management tools like REIvolution (which includes a free smrtPhone license) to supercharge their Real Estate investment businesses.

In November we opened up smrtPhone’s comprehensive SMS API which gives you the ability to customise your own SMS workflows from Podio using GlobiFlow. That puts you in the driver seat and gives you complete control. You can send SMS text messages to anyone in your system from anywhere in Podio, you simply need to use GlobiFlow to automate the process and smrtPhone will do the rest (using YOUR own phone numbers).

Podio + smrtPhone, the best gets better

I really believe that Podio is one of the most powerful, and most flexible, business platforms on the market, and with the integration of smrtPhone, we have added an incredibly powerful communication functionality that can take your company’s productivity to the next level.