Integrating email with Podio

If you’ve ever used Podio, you’d know just how fantastic of a platform it is. I’m totally hooked on Podio, and I get new people hooked on Podio on a regular basis.

I started my Podio immersion slowly, one app at a time. But with continued use, I found myself annoyed when things were NOT in Podio. After all, why can’t EVERYTHING be in Podio?

One thing that always bugged me about our internal use of Podio was email. Yeah – you can invite external users to Podio, but our clients and vendors were resistant and always went back to email. And these emails were an island outside our happy Podio world.

A Podio Add-on for Email

I created GlobiMail for Podio over 4 years ago to solve this problem. The grand idea was to communicate with customers via email, and have everything neatly logged in Podio, and in context.

GlobiMail is continually evolving, and recent updates make it the easiest to use email solution for Podio yet:

  1. add a simple SPF record to your domain
  2. install the browser extension
  3. start emailing your contacts

Browser Extension

Once you install the browser extension for GlobiMail, you’ll see an “Email” button at the top of the activity column on every Podio item.

Simply click on this button to initiate a conversation. All emails and replies are logged in Podio as comments on the relevant item. You can stay in Podio without having to shift focus to another application, and your customers use email like usual.

GlobiMail also creates comments with links to initiate conversations so that you can work on mobile or use a browser for which we don’t offer an extension yet. The extension just makes life easier.

Email Tracking

One of the most-loved features of GlobiMail is email tracking. Each email comment clearly shows the delivery status, including if and when a contact opened and read your email.

You’ll never have to wonder again when someone says they “never received your email”.

Mass Mailing

Due to popular demand, GlobiMail also now includes the ability to send mass email campaigns to your Podio contacts.

Simply select a view from Podio, select a design template, modify the content (including tokens for Podio field data), and send it off.

All emails are tracked as usual, and your recipients can reply to those emails as if you had sent them manually.

To prevent the bad neighbour effect on regular email, mass mailings use a separate IP address, but please be aware we still diligently police and enforce our strict no-spam policy. Always make sure your recipients have agreed to receive your emails.

Other Email Power

There are many other features offered by GlobiMail, including email archiving to Podio, and GlobiFlow integration.

All this is made possible through the incredible API that Podio offers (plus some API magic from SendGrid and a few others).

Head over to for more info.