On-the-Go with Podio Mobile

We’ve been hard at work to improve your mobile experience: new features, revamped notifications, and support for the latest in mobile tech.  Join us for a quick overview of our recent updates!

Android O & iOS 11 Support

Both mobile platforms have seen major updates with the release of Google’s Android O and Apple’s iOS 11.  The Podio team has worked diligently to ensure our mobile clients work seamlessly with these new OS’s.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out Podio on Android O or iOS 11, we encourage you to update!


Notifications alert you to critical events that require your attention and keep you up-to-date on the activity in your organizations and workspaces.  They add immense value to the Podio experience, and are a central feature on our mobile clients – where you want access to relevant information efficiently.

With Podio iOS 5.10 and Podio Android 4.4, we have reworked our notifications feature to display more consistent information across platforms.  Users can now expect the content of a notification to match whether viewed on iOS, Android, or web.

On certain types of notifications you will also see additional details.  For example, when notified of a new comment, the notification will include the user’s message.  When notified that an item has been updated, the notification will include information about which field has changed, and in many cases, the field’s new value.

As you can see in the screenshots above, Papiss Kanoute has updated a category field named “Opportunity Status”, on the item titled Suzy’s World.  With the old system Papiss’ colleagues would receive a notification showing that Suzy’s World had been updated, while having to navigate to the item in order to determine what changes had been made.  Now we can see that notification includes new value that is now set to ‘In progress’.

We hope that by adding additional context to your notifications on the go, you will be able to faster scan through the most important updates and overall improve your mobile experience!

Markdown Support for iOS

Markdown on Podio Web allows users to take advantage of a simple, yet powerful tool for adding styling to comments and statuses, as well as embedding links, images, and animated GIFs.   While our Android users have been able to view this content in previous versions, it has remained a key limitation of Podio iOS.

We are happy to highlight the roll-out of markdown rendering on Podio iOS, beginning with version 5.9.

Markdown now supported in Podio Mobile

Play / pause inline animated GIFs, view embedded images and links, and take advantage of common markdown styling tags!  For a full overview of what is currently supported, see our announcement page.

PS. If you are an Android user and was experiencing random log outs from the app, we solved this issue in the latest 4.4.1 release. Sorry for the trouble!