A Game-Changer for the Podio App Market

The inclusion of Globiflow with Podio is an exciting development for the product. Among the many other benefits Globiflow brings to Podio, it casts fresh light on the tremendous value of the Podio App Market. While Podio customers and partners have contributed their App templates to the App Market for many years, until recently these App templates have only included the data structure for Podio apps. With Globiflow, you can now publish & install apps and their associated workflows. This makes it even easier to develop very sophisticated Podio-based systems to drive your business.

I took advantage of these Podio features recently in order to publish an App Pack that leverages Globiflow automations to support a very common business workflow: Multi-channel “Drip” Marketing Campaigns. This App Pack enables marketers to communicate with customers and prospects using a variety of methods: text messages, voicemails, email, postcards, and letters. The App Pack offers preset integration of Podio with Twilio (text messaging), Slybroadcast (Voicemails), and Lob (postcards and letters). The third-party system integration is made possible through Globiflow and its extensive support for web services.

The App Pack consists of the following apps

The Leads app contains contact information, including name, address, email, and mobile phone number. It also has a field that associates a lead with a campaign.

The Steps app contains the library of text messages, voicemails, emails, postcards, and letters used to build out Campaigns. Each item in this app contains the details for an individual step. For example, a text message might have the following data:

The Campaigns app defines the series of steps used to make contact with someone. For example, we might create a campaign that contacts an existing customer every 90 days via different channels:
A voicemail at 90 days
A postcard at 180 days
A text message at 270 days
An email at 360 days

The Actions app logs the execution of each drip campaign step and its associated lead..

The Settings app is used to configure the integration with the other systems: Twilio, Slybroadcast, and Lob. Below is an example of the setting values used to integrate with Twilio for text messaging.

After installing this App Pack in your workspace, you can set up very sophisticated marketing campaigns to help you win and retain more business with your customers and prospects.

Podio offers an incredible value as a solution for multi-channel drip marketing. I’ve observed my clients spending $10,000 or more just to get basic, email-only drip marketing systems up and running. With Podio and the Multi-channel Drip Marketing App Pack, much more comprehensive functionality is available at a fraction of the cost.

There is nothing else on the market quite like the Podio App Market. The inclusion of Globiflow-powered workflows make the Podio App Market even more powerful and unique in the industry.