How Indoor Wayfinding experts, MapsPeople, take their business to the next level

My name is Søren Knorr Søndergaard, and I am working at MapsPeople A/S as Business Operations Manager. Back in January 2016, we decided to rethink the way we work. We are a fast growing company, so we needed scalable solutions/systems to handle our needs within; CRM, ERP, Project Management, HR and our recurring subscription business model. We screened a lot of different solutions, but they were either too rigid to work with or too expensive. We have a lot of special needs and different ways of doing things, so we knew that flexibility and customization were essential factors. That led us to Podio.

We started to use Podio as a simple CRM system, and to become familiar with Podios functionalities, but we quickly discovered the huge potential for other business areas as well.

Now, one year later, we’re using Podio across the entire value chain. From initial inquiries via a Podio webform on our website, to project management workspaces where we facilitate big projects with external collaborators. We have also created a Workspace where all employees can see things like; who’s ‘Out of Office’ the current day, and find practical information regarding particular offices, company objectives, etc. We are working very closely with the Podio partner, Phases, which has developed various third-party integrations (e.g. our financial system and HR web application for all employees).

Automation is key

A vital thing is also how Podio supports our recurring business model. We are only dealing with subscriptions, so we have a lot of non-standardized subscriptions, with a lot of numbers, dates and persons included. Thanks to GlobiFlow almost every single thing is automated and being managed by +130 workflows. Task delegation, invoicing, warnings, updating dates/periods, etc..

GlobiFlow saves us for more than 110 hours of work each month – incredible. This allows our sales reps. to focus on the customer dialogue, and not the system.

In the future, we are thinking of letting Podio and GlobiFlow create offers and contracts based on the data we already have in Podio, and use RightSignature to ease the signature process. One thing is for sure; We will expand the usage of Podio as much as we can across the organisation.

About MapsPeople

MapsPeople is the leading provider of indoor navigation built with Google Maps. Our core solution, MapsIndoors, is a searchable and interactive indoor wayfinding platform that can be utilised for large scale venues or events to make navigating the great indoors easier, stress free and more efficient. Founded originally in 1897 as traditional map design company, MapsPeople has evolved into a full scale digital provider of the next generation of indoor wayfinding.