Backup & restore for Podio by Momentum

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“Simple, clean, efficient.
The perfect Podio backup solution.”

Jordan Fleming,
Managing Director at Gamechangers

Podio always keep your data safely backed up on two locations to ensure full control of your critical business data. Momentum has built a very simple and safe app that allows you to easily backup and restore your precious Podio data – and control the process on your own end. You can set up your Podio backup in less than 1 minute and instantly restore your deleted items or apps.


Why would you need to backup your data?

If you’re anything like us, you use Podio to manage your entire business: leads, projects and tasks. What was once a welcome collaboration tool, has now become the backbone of your organisation. This is all wonderful, but it can also be dangerous. Imagine each of the following scenarios:

  1. In a distracted moment, your clumsy colleague Chris – also known as clumsy Chris – has accidentally deleted a set of items. Say goodbye to the project details you’ve just spent hours working on!
  2. After a night of little sleep, your careless colleague Karen – lovingly referred to as careless Karen – deletes her “Clients” app in Podio… I doubt that she wanted to start all over with her client base.
  3. When importing data from an excel file, you – it’s not always your colleague’s fault! – selected the wrong keys, leading to unwanted doubles in your app and messing up the related data. All you can do now is grab yourself a cup of coffee and spend a whole day reverting all the changes manually.

These are just a few ‘real-life’ examples that can do serious harm to your company. With our backup app you can easily restore deleted items or apps, and even undo a data import.

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Backing up made easy

When we started to build this app, we reached out to the Podio community and asked them what the ideal backup solution should look like. In more than 60 interviews we learned that the ideal backup solution needs to be safe and complete, but most importantly it needs to be simple. That’s why our main focus was on an easy-to-use design and on integrity checks. We are very proud of this collaborative approach and of the feedback we’ve received so far!

Get peace of mind

We, from Momentum, like to make Podio users happy, which is why, we are offering you a 14 day free trial. We’d like to invite you to trial our backup app so that you can see for yourself how easy it is. Be safe, and start securing your company information today.

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