New enhancement to support the power of Apps

My name is Jacquelyn May, and I have been taking care of Podio Support since 2012. Over the last few years I have seen the power of Podio apps increase significantly, with extensive workflows, calculations, and increased usage of our open API to integrate apps with external systems. It has been so exciting to see Podio grow and evolve!

Many of our customers, you, have been asking for the option to “always hide fields” for the purpose of hiding specific ID fields or calculations that are mostly relevant for an integration or a report, but not important for the end user viewing the item. We have listened to your idea and implemented a new feature to help you provide a more clean experience for your team members interacting with items in Podio.

The new enhancement is the “Always hidden” option for fields within the app template. Go to “Modify template” to find it! Enabling this option will completely hide the field in create, view and edit mode.

Always hidden feature
More power to your apps!

We will add mobile support for the new functionality in the upcoming release on both iOS and Android.

The new improvement is closely related to an existing functionality to hide fields if the value is empty. Some fields are used only in some projects or for some clients and therefore we provide the option to hide them when not being used. Learn about this here.

For full documentation on this new feature, please check out our help center article here.

We hope you can use the new advanced functionality. I will be looking forward to hear in the comments on exactly how you plan on using it!