Cimber Airlines take Podio and ShareFile to the sky

My name is Brett Morrone, working as a Customer Success Engineer at Citrix and helping our customers improve and automate how they work. Recently, I have been working with Cimber Airlines to help streamline their processes and business critical tasks.

Flying over 2 million passengers safely to their destination every year, Cimber Airlines are renowned for their impeccable safety record and great customer service. Operating in the regional Scandinavian market with a history stretching back to the 1940’s, some would say the heyday of flying, Cimber Airlines is well versed with keeping customers happy up at 35,000ft. As part of the Scandinavian Airline System Group Group (SAS), Cimber operates a fleet of 12 Bombardier jet aircrafts with a network spanning 50 destinations in northern Europe. Their vision is to make life easier for Scandinavia’s frequent travelers.

Most of us are familiar with flying – for the uninitiated, think miniature sized drinks, peanuts, friendly flight attendants, and the sheer excitement of being hurtled across the sky at mind boggling speeds. However, there is a less glamorous but equally crucial component required involved in getting you safely to your destination. As any industry player in aviation will attest to, passenger safety remains paramount to any airline’s operation.Cimber Airlines take Podio and ShareFile to the sky!
I caught up with Cimber’s Technical Director, Peter Højgaard, to learn how his team use Podio and ShareFile to manage safety compliance in one of the world’s most heavily regulated industries.

What brought you to Podio and ShareFile? What use case did you need to solve and how this solution was a good fit?

As an airline, we are subject to regular audits. When considering a workflow solutions here at Cimber, Podio and ShareFile stand out from the crowd. Information can easily be gathered and distributed in a way that improves both transparency and efficiency. This helps us get a clear overview of the health of our systems while also improving our auditing processes. Prior to implementing Podio and ShareFile, our data was spread across multiple products with disjointed workflows.
We initially reviewed several products to help solve our pain points. Most could not compete with value for money when taking into consideration Podio’s unlimited storage, ease of use, and workflow capabilities. With other products you often need dedicated a resources to manage the software. The integration between Podio and ShareFile allows us to customize workflows to automate our document creation, sharing, and storage.

A key feature of Podio is the ability to create workflows on the fly which integrate with other Citrix products, like ShareFile and RightSignature. This opened our eyes to the possibility of automating many of our processes which were previously time consuming and cumbersome.

We now have HR workflows which automate background checks done on personnel, as well as workflows to handle applications for contractual extensions within our mechanics team. We have also managed to streamline safety reporting by bringing our mechanical logs into the cloud with Podio and ShareFile. We have also automated the distribution of meeting minutes, which saves time and ensures information is shared where it is needed in a timely manner.

To give an example of the time saved by workflows, we used to spend 2.5 hours to reissue annual Airworthiness Certificates. These certificates require annual validation. Previously, an administrator had to look for the renewal date, fill out a form, save it in a PDF format, distribute it to the right approvers, get it signed, and once it was signed they needed to make a digital copy and attach it to the form. This process now takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish with Podio workflows.

Task automation via Podio and GlobiFlow

Do you have any workflows that you are currently working on?

We are looking at automating the process to allow our flight crew to send safety issues forms while in flight, using an offline iOS app. Soon they will able to record an incident immediately from their own device, which will significantly cut down on administrative work while encouraging easier safety reporting.

We already operate with electronic manuals which are carried onboard our aircraft. We are considering to use Podio to manage our manuals and then use ShareFile to push new manuals out to the flight crews using workflows thus ensuring digital manuals are updated with the most recent content.  This will dramatically reduce our management resources used on distribution while also saving on fuel – an easily quantifiable return on investment from fuel savings from weight reductions.

Automating Report Generation
Automating Report Generation

Lastly, we have plans to use workflows on Podio to automate the tracking and compliance of recurring safety training our pilots complete every six months. This will automate the way keep track of the 100 different topics our pilots need to be trained on over a course of three years. As a bonus, it will enable us to monitor the quality of our training and tailor the program if deficiencies are observed.

Where have you seen the biggest improvements to your team’s performance since implementing workflows on Podio and ShareFile?

To give you an idea, I just looked at our workflow statistics and in the last 30 days our workflows gave us a saving of 203 hours – that equates to saving almost seven hours a day. Our security background check workflows allowed us complete checks on over 150 employees in less than a month – something that would have been almost impossible to accomplish for one full time employee working just on this task. Thanks to workflows less than a day have been used on this task.

We also had our big quality accreditation audit at the end of last year and we passed with an excellent result. It is hard to put a figure on how much time Podio’s workflows have saved us on this audit, however, it enabled our organization to collaborate during the audit preparation. In addition, it gave us the opportunity to quickly retrieve documentation during the audit. The bonus here was that the auditors were really impressed by the efficiency of our internal processes.

So there is no doubt, Podio, ShareFile and RightSignature are a perfect match for our team –  and we are just getting started!