2016 year in review: Workflows powered by Citrix

This year has been the one of the busiest years in the Podio team’s history within Citrix. We have welcomed a great amount of new customers, team members and powered Podio up with even more automation. The Product Development team has moved overseas and we are now located in Citrix offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, while still supporting customers in Europe and Asia from the Citrix Copenhagen office in Denmark. I am so happy to be a part of this journey.

Citrix Raleigh
Citrix Raleigh

In the spirit of bragging about achievements, we were also named Editor’s Choice by PC magazine for “The Best Online Collaboration Software of 2016“ and recently recommended by Inc. as one of the most importants platforms to help improve collaboration within businesses in 2017. I hope you can help us share these great news to your network – we want more people to learn about the new ways of working better together.

More power to your business

This year, we are taking even more advantage of the complementary services within our product group with improved integrations to secure file-sharing functionalities using Citrix ShareFile and online document signature from Citrix RightSignature.  These tools will help us solve more and greater problems for our customers. If you are curious, you can learn about the overall product direction I shared earlier this year.

We also launched a new partnership with the Podio built automation service GlobiFlow.  As a result, the majority of our customers can now automate and fine tune business processes to help their teams work more efficiently. The best part is that all automations are also personalized and customized through the app templates.

To date, Podio customers have created 1.2 million customized app templates to run their businesses and installed more than 15 million apps from the public app market.


We see more and more partners build new services by leveraging the Podio API. GlobiFlow is just a small part of the global network of new services built on our platform. We have many new extensions recommended for you this year – Plecto for live dashboards, TeamDeck for resource management, Device Magic for offline mobile forms, Momentumtools.io for reporting, calculations and back-up and InvestorFuse a CRM for real estate investors are just a small part of the list. All solving a different need to fit your exact industry or use case.

We want to help you save time with workflows

The power of the automation is helping our customers manage even more business critical data on Podio. Today the total number of Podio app items, documents re-imagined, are exceeding 500 million to date. This is 500 million projects, deliverables, events, clients, leads, bugs etc. being managed and saved securely on our platform – and it makes us really proud!


Next to app items, we have more than 225 million files stored on Podio. Many of our large Enterprise customers are linking the files directly from ShareFile in order to securely store larger files with more permissions and flexible hosting options.

From a workflow automation perspective, a total number of 1 million workflows have been created via Podio app templates to manage business processes more efficiently – this is without even looking at more advanced solutions like GlobiFlow – but strictly within our main platform.


The 1 million workflows have triggered a total of 64 million times and saved our customers more than 19.000 years of work. Today, Podio not only provides  improved communication and collaboration in context, but also saves valuable time that our customers would otherwise have spent updating projects or clients manually. Everything is in sync!

We are looking forward to continue to help your team and business manage your most important work and processes with Podio workflows and use the full Citrix suite to collaborate with your team. Let’s make work more fun together – and bring on 2017.