InvestorFuse helps real estate investors manage leads without any setup

InvestorFuse was created out of necessity for my own real estate investing business. We found that most out-of-the-box solutions missed the mark with seller and buyer lead management, so we set out to help investors close more deals by preventing leads from falling through the cracks.

What is it?

InvestorFuse is a next-generation Podio workspace that operates independently of any third-party plugins.

We used our obsession with the flexibility of Podio to design our own scalable solution. Now, fellow investors don’t have to go through the trial and tribulation of building their own automated workspace from scratch.

Users can benefit from the flexibility that the Podio interface gives them by customizing and integrating their workspaces with whatever tools or workflows they choose.

Since February 2016, we’ve helped hundreds of investors get up and running on Podio instantly. They can stay on top of all seller and buyer leads, automate follow ups, pull property information, send offers, centralize all team and lead communications and much more.

Here’s some of the ways we’ve used Podio to deliver the results our customers rely on daily in their businesses.

Following up

“Money is in the follow up” right!? We’ve all heard it. Since following up is difficult to track, and doesn’t have immediate gratification or return on time invested, the challenge for our colleagues is doing it consistently.

How? Standardize, systemize, and automate using Podio. We wanted to give investors this competitive advantage with our Followup Sequencer functionality.

A Followup Sequence is a multi-media autoresponder, meaning it includes text messages, voice messages, emails, and task reminders all sent out over an extended period…automatically. The message templates and sequence timing are all configurable from within their InvestorFuse Configuration Workspace. Click here to learn more.

With InvestorFuse, there’s no integration with any other tools required. All you need to do is click on the appropriate Followup Sequence button inside of your seller lead, to initiate the sequence of communication or cancel the sequence:


Lead capture

Whether a lead comes in online, via phone, or manually entered by a team member or answering service, every opportunity will appear as a new lead in one centralized location, the Seller Leads App.


With our native automation, we’ve prevented those pesky duplicate leads by appending any additional phone calls, texts, or emails back into the original seller lead. We make sure the proper team member is notified to respond via tasks.
See the results of your marketing in real time as leads come in.



Investors often lose track of where they left off with a lead or contact, so we’ve built in two-way emailing and texting into the workspace. Users can communicate back and forth with their leads from within the Podio comments field.
Our Communication Log helps keep track of this in real-time.


The Communication Log prevents your team and your leads from having to use external tools to communicate, centralizing everything under one roof, where each point of communication is located exactly where it needs to be.
We’ve created Email and Text-Blasting functionality to launch follow up or deal information emails to your sellers or buyers.


Deal execution

Podio has taken the real estate community by storm for one simple reason — “instant customizable systemization”.
There’s no coding involved, which appeals to investors because it saves a lot of time. With Podio, we can design exactly the way we’d like our team to execute the tasks that lead to a closed deal.

We’ve leveraged this through the power of Next Actions. After every lead interaction, a user can assign pre-configured tasks to the right team member automatically, simply by choosing the relevant Next Action.

We’ve also built useful tools to help Investors analyze deals, like our data feed and Comparable Sales Report document.


Here is an example of a Comparable Sales Report.


Find out more

This is just scratching the surface of what we’ve built to help investor’s accomplish the seemingly endless possibilities on Podio.

Everyone using InvestorFuse is not only an active investor with leads coming into their business, but they are die-hard Podio lovers too!

The success of our customers has become our business. Our growing team is happy to support the investor community and continue improving upon their systems for years to come.

To find out more about the workspace and to chat with us, visit