We made Podio a more colorful place to work

My name is Cory Chase and I am a frontend developer within the Podio team. As developers, we like to work on new exciting functionality that will improve the user experience and address business needs. I have been privileged to work on improving features for the calendar this quarter that will make Podio a better and more colorful place to work.

Custom color by category

One of the most requested features by our customers this year has been the opportunity to add custom colors in the calendar. Today we made this possible. You can now use the existing colors in your category field as the driver for the color of events and projects in theapp calendar layout and global calendar. This will give team members, project managers and business owners an improved overview of status, progress, type of event etc. just by glancing the calendar view.

Here is a quick example of how this could look in a Marketing Content Calendar, where each color represents the type of content that goes live – social media, email campaigns etc.:

Content Calendar

Learn how to make use of the new color coding in this help center article.

Real repeating events

If you use meetings apps in Podio, you probably already know and use the option to set repeating events. In the past, we always showed only the next repeating event in your calendar as we wanted to avoid creating unlimited (millions) of future items in the related apps. In that sense, the Podio calendar has always been quite different from calendars you know from iCal, Google etc.

We are minimizing this gap by adding support for viewing future repeating events in your calendars today. This means you will now see the future items in your calendar view to plan and see availability more than just “one week ahead”. This has been one of the most requested features in our community and we are proud to finally have a solution ready for you all.

Staff Meetings

Mobile updates

With this release, we made sure the new colorful event items and support for repeating items also works on mobile apps. This will help you glance at events and progress in the calendar on the go.

As a bonus, we added support for adding reminders and recurrence for events on mobile as well. This has been supported on the Web for a long time, and we thought it was about time to add this small enhancement for the mobile experience as well. Make sure to download the iOS or Android app if you haven’t already.

Color in Calendar - iPad
New Calendar Colors – iPad edition

Last but not least, thank you all for making Podio a better and more colorful place to work. We truly appreciate the feedback and ideas for improving our work platform. Keep it coming.