Improvements to bridge Podio with your Google and Outlook Calendars

Our team prefers to manage all our meetings directly from Podio, but we recognize that there are many reasons why that isn’t possible for everyone. We already provide integrations with existing calendar services to simplify integration and provide access to just the events you need. At the same time, we have heard from many of our customers that we needed to do more in this area and so we have released the following updates to help accommodate this feedback:

Google Event Edits From Podio

Customers who have integrated Google calendar into Podio asked us to provide support for editing those events directly from within Podio. In August, we shipped an update that enabled this functionality. Earlier you had to visit Google to update events and maintain both calendars separately. This is a small step to make the real-time sync better and allow you to edit Google events without leaving your Podio calendar overview.

Granular Email Notifications

Podio offers email notifications so you can stay updated on what is happening in Podio via email. What we heard from customers was that there was confusion about how to get email notifications about calendar items. When you also export your calendar, you end up with duplicate calendar items and for the client or contact who is not as familiar with Podio this could be really confusing.

We are taking steps to reduce the confusion and provide the control you need. We have updated the Email & Notifications page to include two new options specifically for controlling whether you receive notifications about calendar updates (these were embedded in other options previously).

Email Settings
New granular email settings for events!

This new design makes it more clear which notifications provide calendar updates and also lets the organizer opt in to receiving the updates as well. We believe this will provide a much improved experience for those users who still need to use a calendaring system outside of Podio.

To take advantage of the new settings and ensure invites to meetings via email in the future, please visit your Settings page to add the new options here.

We hope to have more great enhancements for your calendar usage in Podio in the future as the calendar is one of our key focus areas for Podio product overall.