Calculation library without coding

At Momentum, a Podio preferred partner, we believe that calculations unlock Podio’s full potential. They allow you to transform, combine and filter your data in almost every possible way. For many, using calculations is just too complex. The possibilities are not clear and having to write code makes the bar of entry too high.

That is why we, at Momentum, developed the EasyCal podio calculation library. EasyCal is FREE and makes calculations accessible to all Podio users, despite their background.


EasyCal Library with 30 examples

In the first place, EasyCal is a library of plug and play calculation templates. They, range from common and easy, to the more complicated and exotic. Using a template is as simple as copying and pasting the code to your calculation app field. You don’t have to write a line of code.


We wanted the template to resonate with you, so we went one step further. When you connect your Podio account, we allow you to select existing app fields and fill the template placeholders with real data. Our preview function then shows you on-the-fly what the output of the calculation will be. Happy with the result? Click the ‘Add to your app!’ button, and the calculation is automatically created in your selected Podio app, with the correct app field references.

EasyCal drag and drop editor

There will inevitably be times when our premade templates will not cut it. Fear not, we allow you to create your own calculation templates with an easy to use, drag and drop editor. Again, you don’t have to write a line of code.
You simply select and connect the blocks you need, optionally adding your own app field data, and your shiny new calculation is ready to be used! You can save these templates in our library, helping out the Podio community of users who are in the same pickle as you.

More Podio extensions coming

Momentum’s ultimate goal is to help unlock your Podio potential. EasyCal is just the first step in this direction. Momentum Podio Backup and Advanced webforms are up next. Stay tuned!