Podio and Device Magic team up to provide offline mobile data capture

Device Magic built an awesome integration to Podio that allows for the seamless creation of forms. Those forms are based on your Podio App, and then delivered through Device Magic’s rich mobile app. We are excited to announce today that we will be including one free month of access to Device Magic for any Podio Premium customers interested in trying out this integration.

Zero Effort Form Design

The Device Magic integration makes it simple to deploy your forms. You just select the Workspaces that you want to synchronize into Device Magic, and the forms are built automatically based on your Apps.


Rich Mobile Experience

Once you have registered some devices, Device Magic lets you deploy these forms to their rich mobile interface, which provides a great user experience. Note that the user submitting the form does not have to be a member of a Podio Workspace. Offline support ensures that your users will remain productive capturing data, regardless of connection. Once a form has been submitted, members of the Workspace have access to all the power of Podio workflows to process the data.

This is a great solution for all of our customers who need offline mobile access to their forms. For Podio Premium customers, Device Magic can be installed and launched from your existing account in 5 steps:

  • Click on your My Account button in Podio
  • Select the Extension Voucher offer
  • Grant Device Magic access to your Podio Account
  • Create a Device Magic Account
  • Connect one or more devices


In addition to the first free month, Device Magic is extending a significant discount for Premium customers continuing beyond a month.