We believe in your freedom to work the way you want to

Hi everyone, my name is Sara and I have been a Podio believer since 2012. When did you have your first Podio moment?

Some of you probably know me from our Community, Support team, Partner Network, or have met me directly in customer meetings. I love speaking with Podio users and spend most of my day doing so. Not just in order to help businesses achieve a better way of working, but in order to listen and learn from your experience, so we can make our platform even better.

Recently, I have been stepping into a new role as Product Line Manager, working even closer with our amazing product team to take Podio to the next level. I love my job and I am also truly humble about the responsibility and task we have ahead of us.

Customer Day in Raleigh; Evan to the left, Sara – yours truly, Mac, Jacquelyn, Anthony from ChanceLight and Megan from Podio team!

Connecting Podio with the rest of the world

In December last year, we announced impressive numbers behind the usage of Podio, and everyday I am amazed to see what teams and businesses can achieve with our platform. We want to make it simpler for new teams to discover the wonders of Podio and bring more organizations to what we call “the Podio way” of working. A world where status, history and context is not hidden in someone’s inbox, but openly shared with everyone in a workspace. In a world where emojis and likes makes work more fun and help to foster motivation and employee recognition. My world.

We believe that Podio is the future of work. However, we are also painfully aware of the challenges that new teams face when having to adapt to the Podio way, since staying connected to the rest of the world means using email and calendaring to get work done. Our task is to find a better way to connect Podio with the rest of the business tools you are working with, and therefore help bridge the gap when you have to convince a colleague, a friend or a client to join a space on Podio. This is one of our major goals going forward. We want to make it easier for future believers to join the journey.

3 focus areas for product improvements

Our overall strategy and product direction for Podio this year have been evolving around three pillars of focus:

We recently released improvements to core areas in Podio, such as our revamped webforms as well as filters and reports to help make Podio a better place to work. Our next improvements will be focused on calendaring, and more specifically, to ease Podio adoption when you come from – or also work in – traditional business tools like email and scheduling via Google and Outlook calendars. Even though internally in the Podio team we often refer to the year the tide turned against email, we also realize that email, Outlook and Google calendaring are here to stay. For now at least!

Our focus on advanced workflows comes to show with the addition of GlobiFlow, a workflow automation engine that is now included on the Premium tier for teams with 5 employees or more. GlobiFlow has truly enhanced workflow capabilities and options within Podio. We’ve also integrated these workflows with ShareFile and RightSignature. Furthermore, we will be working close with the Octoblu team in order to improve and build new Podio workflows to connect app items with the Internet of things and products like Slack, SalesForce and Xero.

Our future road-map will continue to focus on bringing even better automation to Podio customers, and bridge the gap between ShareFile, RightSignature and Podio to enable more use cases for our customers. One example is using RightSignature to sign documents online created directly from Podio items, and to store these items safely in ShareFile. Check our blog post here, to learn about more efficient documents workflows. We also hope to use knowledge from ShareFile to bring a better and more solid experience to Podio for all teams working with and in files. Here is one example of the file-sharing improvements we added to Podio earlier this year.

2016 and beyond

We are looking forward to continue to deliver new product improvements to the more than 16 million apps and 450 million app items Podio users have created on our platform. We hope the three focus areas mentioned previously will continue to bring value to our customers, community of heroes and help future Podio believers move to the Podio way of working. A world where building apps and workflows is as easy as drag and drop means the freedom to work the way you want to.

Make sure to follow our product news section here, in order to stay up to date on future releases. I will be waiting for you comments and feedback as always.