Document workflows made easy with Podio and RightSignature

A major focus for the Podio team at Citrix these days is to bring our Podio, ShareFile, and RightSignature products closer together. In doing so, we enable richer collaboration and workflow solutions for our customers.

Citrix RightSignature offers an easy, fast way to get documents filled out and securely signed online. Once you start using it, you wonder “how did I ever live without this before?” The days of printing, signing, scanning, and emailing–or worse, snail mail or couriers–are gone forever!

Globiflow is now included in Podio Premium (with 5 users or more) and enables a very useful integration between Podio and RightSignature. Using Globiflow, you can define an action in a Podio item (e.g. item creation or update), which will generate a PDF document from the data in the Podio app(s), and route that document to be signed via RightSignature.


This opens up a lot of use cases. Let’s take one example of a lead management process for customer project opportunities.

A typical sales process requires to collect leads, to provide quotes and results in a project.  This sales process management can translate in Podio to a set of 3 apps as shown below.

  • The Leads app is enabled with a webform. When a prospective customer enters a request in the webform, a workflow is triggered to create a Quotes app item, with a relationship to the Leads item.
  • An assigned person updates the Quotes app item with specific details (e.g. project scope, cost) and clicks a “Send Quote for Signature” button in the item.
  • A PDF is generated and sent to the customer for eSignature via RightSignature.
  • Once the quote is signed, the Quotes item is automatically updated to the status “Signed”, and a new item in the Projects app is created.
  • The signed document can be stored in the Podio Quotes item, or in ShareFile.

The end result is a 100% digital, streamlined workflow that improves your internal productivity and customer service. If you’re interested in building a similar workflow, check out this document for a step-by-step process.

Text Tags for Customized Documents

RightSignature uses Text Tags to allow you to embed signatures, dates, names, checkboxes, initials, or other text in specific spots within your document that you route for eSignature. Globiflow includes support for RightSignature Text Tags. As a result, when you built a PDF using a Globiflow action, you can include these tags inline with your document. Once you select the “Use Text Tags” in your Globiflow action, RightSignature will parse these values and display them accordingly during the signature step. For more information about Text Tags, follow this link.


RightSignature has a feature called RightTemplates that enables you to drive document workflows with standard PDF forms–including W-9, W-4, I-9–or any other PDF template you might have in your business. These RightTemplates can be accessed and stored within Podio and Globiflow, and let you customize the sender and signer in your workflows.


For example, if you need updated W-9 forms signed by a few hundred independent contractors for your business, this is straightforward. You can automate this entire process with these steps.

  • Import the W-9 PDF as a RightSignature RightTemplate (or use the standard one built into RightSignature)
  • Create an automated workflow that loops through all of your “Contractor” app items in Podio, and sends the W-9 RightTemplate to each one
  • Track the status of each contractor’s W-9 document in your Podio App–once signed, each document can be stored in the Podio item or in ShareFile


As you can see, the combination of Podio Premium and RightSignature enables you to drive very powerful, customized document workflows. If you are interested in learning more or seeing a demo, please contact us using this webform or attend one of our Podio Public training events.