Globiflow now included with Podio

We’re excited to announce that we’ve entered into an agreement with Globi, Inc. whereby Citrix will become the exclusive reseller and first-level support for the Globiflow product.

Starting today, organizations with at least 5 licensed users of Podio Premium, Podio Enterprise, or ShareFile Platinum will include an entitlement*  to Globiflow – at no additional charge.

Note that if you are an existing (paying) customer of Globiflow, you can continue to pay for Globiflow separately.

Over the past 2+ years, Globiflow has proven to be one of the most successful Podio extensions on the market.  It offers powerful, automated workflow orchestration functionality that greatly enhances the capabilities of Podio. Customers we speak to have been full of praise about Globiflow–and some have even said that if it weren’t for Globiflow, they might not use Podio.  The enhanced partnership between Citrix and Globi, Inc. will streamline purchasing & support for our customers, and enable us to scale up our respective businesses to serve many more customers than we could before.

GF Quote - Jordan Fleming

Globiflow can help you boost your productivity and save time automating pretty much anything you can think of in your Podio workspaces and apps.  Globiflow makes Podio an even more flexible system for virtually any use case, whether it’s Project Management, Document Workflows, CRM, Lead Management, or any other way you happen to use Podio.

Globiflow’s advanced workflow orchestration features include:

  • PDF creation from data in Podio items (quotes, invoices, etc.)
  • Send PDFs for eSignature with Citrix RightSignature
  • Send & Receive Emails and SMS / text messages
  • Create or Update Podio Items
  • Triggers on Dates or Changes
  • Assign Tasks & Send Messages
  • Support for looping and if/then logic
  • Insert Visual Charts & Graphs into workspaces


In the past 6 months, Globiflow has included new integrations with the Citrix RightSignature and ShareFile products to support enhanced document and eSignature workflows.  For example, this Globiflow article explains how you can generate a PDF from a Podio item and route it for electronic signature.

For an example use case for Podio, Globiflow, and RightSignature, have a look at this 2 minute demo video:

For more information on how to access your Globiflow account visit our Help Center.

*For eligible customers, the Globiflow entitlement includes support for up to:

  • 500 Globiflow flows
  • 25,000 actions per month
  • 500 actions per hour
  • $10 in SMS credits

Don’t worry — if you need more flows, actions, or SMS credits, just contact us at and we’ll be happy to work with you on a solution that meets your specific needs.