Even more power for webforms

We’ve released two more improvements to our beloved webforms. We think you might like them, since they are features you’ve been requesting for a while!

Release summary:

  • Pre-filled values: Pre-fill fields in your webforms with data before your users input any data
  • Redirect after submission: Redirect to a specified page after your webform has been successfully submitted

Read on for the juicy details.

Pre-filled values

For a long time this has been an unsupported feature. Some of you discovered it, but we never announced or advertised it. Using some specially crafted URLs, you can pre-fill some fields with data, either as a default or recommendation. For example, you can build a webform URL that pre-fills the user’s name, and include that link in an email to the user. If you have an automatic email generator powered by a database with user data, you could create custom pre-filled webforms for each user!

Read more about this in our Help Center Article


Redirect on success page after submitting

You’ve asked for it and we’re delivering.

You can now redirect your users to a success page you carefully crafted on your website, after they successfully submit a webform.


There are some security details you should be aware of when embedding webforms on your website – read through them in our Webforms Help Center Article.

Enjoy these further additions webforms!