Better contact management in Podio

Historically, there have been two ways to handle contact management in Podio: you can use the built-in Workspace Contact functionality or you can create a Contacts app. We’ve come to realize this choice is confusing to new users, and while Workspace Contacts are simple to get started with, the flexibility of a contact app wins in the long run.

Introducing the Contact app type

To get the best of both worlds, we are simplifying contact management in apps. Alongside the existing “Regular” and “Event” app types, you can now choose the “Contact” app type. When you create an app of this type, you automatically get standard fields for email, phone, address and more. Like any Podio app, you get all the flexibility you love: change field names, add more fields, filter, sort, create reports, etc..

A big benefit of the contact app over Workspace Contacts, is that it is not bound by the workspace it lives in. You can link contacts to items in other workspaces — even build a central contact app for your entire organization. That means less duplicate information and more synchronization across teams.

Together with the recently released custom reference badges, the most important contact details will be visible right in the items you need them in, like your project or invoice. Simply click the email to launch your email client or switch a contact from prospect to client.


Contact syncing with other services

Beyond the convenience of a pre-built app, the Contact app type opens up the door for powerful integrations with 3rd party services. We are kicking off with PieSync, a service that allows you to do two-way syncing between Podio and many other services — a massive time saver.


For example, link it to Google Contacts and any changes you make are automatically updated in Podio. Or, link it to MailChimp and you’ll always have an up-to-date mailing list. This is now possible, because the Contact app type has designated fields for contact details.


From today, you’ll get 6 months of PieSync free with our annual Podio Premium or Enterprise plans. Learn more about it here.

Do more with location data

As part of this project, we recently upgraded the “Location” field (formerly known as “Map” field) with an option for structured addresses. This will enable smarter filtering around location, and we are currently working on filtering by postal code, city, state, and country. This will enable you to do things like pulling a list of customers from a specific region and create reports on that subset. We think this will be a big win for all of you using Podio for CRM.

What if I already have a contacts app?

You may already be using regular Podio apps for managing contacts. We plan to release a conversion tool that will allow you to convert these apps to contact type apps, so you maintain all activity and comments on your items. We will update you as soon as it’s out.

So there you have it—all the latest news on the new Contact app type! We know how many customers use Podio as a CRM and need advanced contact features as part of their CRM’s functionality, so we hope the new Contact app type makes your lives a little easier!