Clarifying the Future of Podio

Citrix recently announced that we will be de-emphasizing Podio as a standalone offering. This led to a lot of speculation on social media regarding the future of the product. We would like to clear up some of the confusion that has arisen.

Firstly, we would like to be crystal clear that Podio will continue to be available as a standalone product. Users can still use Podio as normal, which means you can still access your data, create workspaces, create new apps, modify existing apps, add additional users to your organization, and create new organizations.  In addition, customers can continue to purchase Podio on a standalone basis.

In the future, you can expect additional Podio innovation that is closely aligned with our ShareFile and RightSignature product lines. In doing so, we’ll be able to offer our customers even richer capabilities when it comes to collaboration and workflows. A great example of this is the recent updates to Podio Webforms.  Webforms enable data to be “born digital,” and thereby more accessible to drive information and document-centric workflows–such as electronic signature via ShareFile/RightSignature. These capabilities get even better through our enhanced partnership with Globiflow that brings together our three products to support even richer workflow solutions.

As always, thanks to all of the users and customers out there who make the Podio community so wonderful.