Helping the Podio community thrive – honoring our first great heroes

Ever explored or participated in a community forum in the Podio Help Center? This is where Podio users share learnings with one another, discuss ideas and vote on critical feedback. It’s also where the Podio team collect critical insights that ensure the quality and ease of your daily work continue to grow with Podio.

Hundreds of Podio users worldwide participate daily, many of whom generously assist fellow users and take the time to share their game-changing tips. We’d like to highlight and thank some of those great heroes who continue to keep the community an engaged and knowledge-rich resource.

Every month a new hero will be selected, and sent a special gift from the Podio team! To kickoff, we’re tipping our hats to these 3 Podio community heroes: Rainer Grabovski, Stefan Ukena, and Hamid Taiati.

  1. Rainer Grabovski

Rainer has been immensely helpful to users posting on our Calculation forum. A little bit about Rainer:

“I develop with my company Delos-Consulting (Authorized Podio Partner) complete workflow solutions. For our international clients we have built integrated Podio systems for e.g. Project Management, CRM, HR, Time Sheets, Website Development, Inventory Management, Event Management and even for Organizing Casting shows . Of course, we use Podio for our own needs – for business and privately.”

Check out this instance of Rainer helping a user with a complex scenario.

  1. Stefan Ukena

Stefan is also a Podio Preferred Partner, who uses Podio throughout his business. Here’s what he’s shared:

“I develop Podio solutions for clients at, Germany’s first Podio Preferred Partner. We use Podio to manage every aspect of our business, from accounting to time tracking, and, of course, I also to organize my personal projects.”

Stefan has been a superstar within our API Developer forum. Check out this example, where he helps a user with an export question.

  1. Hamid Taiati

Last but not least, Hamid has helped countless users get set up in our Calculation forum. A few words from Hamid:

“Podio organizes the way we work together. We use PODIO at Atelier Picking to manage our projects and tasks, and we have different workspaces with few apps (Project Management, CRM, Estimates & Invoices, Intranet, Human resources, Storage & inventory). Podio helps our team to organize and get work done in a user friendly place. We use it also to collect data from our website, and we have an app for incoming phone messages…etc. Podio is very simple and customizable and it allows you to start quickly with the app store.”

Here is one great example, where he helps a user set an overdue notice on his app items.

The entire Podio team would like to thank Stefan, Rainer, and Hamid for their contributions – we hope you enjoy the Podio swag :)

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