MADE: how stronger collaboration helps Danish manufacturing

To keep a small country like Denmark competitive in the world of manufacturing requires an increased focus on industrial research and innovation.

At MADE, the Manufacturing Academy of Denmark, we want to achieve this by creating a network of companies, universities and research institutes. In the process we aim to bring together diverse groups – PhD students, Postdocs, high volume companies and small sub suppliers – to work together and find the solutions for the future.

In one of our research groups, the food industry works closely together with wind turbine producers. In another, a heavy-load truck manufacturer works with a pump manufacturer.

We’re only four people at MADE, however we currently have more than 50 companies as members, five universities, two research institutes and several partners and sponsors.

Image of Made Innovation Workshop

At our Innovation Workshops each group is briefed with real cases from companies and presented with the latest knowledge from industry experts. Themes range from lifelong product customization (over model based supply chain development), to hyper-flexible robotics. They then work together to come up with new ideas and ways to implement these technologies and processes in their own companies.

Production with Podio

As the communication consultant, I don’t want to miss a good story or the chance to spread relevant information. We’re a new organization, so everything we do at MADE is happening for the first time.

Podio’s flexibility suits us perfectly as we can keep on developing the different apps as we evolve. I can gather all the information about our members in a centralized place, categorize them, and organize how they’re targeted with the most relevant communications.

Podio also supports our network by giving each group an effective and intuitive platform for knowledge sharing. This supports our aim of facilitating the best possible research – where we develop new theories and models, but also technologies and solutions that the companies can use right away.

We want to help as many Danish companies as possible to develop their manufacturing capabilities. If you are interested in collaborating with us, then get in touch via our website and follow our latest news on instagram.