Hangwind: how drone photography brings us new perspectives on the world

At Hangwind, our tool is the camera drone and with it we create stunning new views of our world. Our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to capturing fresh perspectives from the air.

The technology is no longer confined to the big budget world of blockbuster movie producers or military personnel. Thanks to drones, film and photography projects from the air that would have taken immense amounts of time and money to be realized can now be shot with much less effort and material expenses.


Our cause is to help these developments manifest and grow even further, so more and more people can enjoy the opportunities that comes with drones.

Why drones?

My business partner Maryan Wieland and I founded Hangwind in 2013. I had worked as a freelance photographer and digital operator since 2006 and came in touch with the field of aerial photography during a commercial job in China. From then on I was fascinated with this new freedom, having the possibility to realize nearly every perspective that you could need.

It was not always shooting things from above, sometimes it was just a matter of 3 meters standing between me and the perfect shot. A drone became like a tripod that I could install anywhere, even over water.


On returning to Germany I met Maryan who I’ve known since my childhood and I convinced him that what we really needed were drones. With the knowledge and experience Maryan brought with him (he had studied engineering and worked in large companies doing project and process management) the dream to construct our own customized drones came true.

As a company we now provide specially customized drones that we have constructed, built and developed ourselves for the means of film and photo production. Whether you’re shooting over water or rough terrain, our drones make it possible to capture breathtaking images and smooth, impressive film shots.


Every new job is carefully considered and by drawing on our collection of tailor-made drones, we apply the most suitable equipment for every purpose and location. This way, we can successfully respond to our clients’ specific wishes and requirements – in industries ranging from tourism and advertising, to real estate.

The future of the drone

Our plan is to play a greater part in the field of scientific research and development. We see our work as a form of data-gathering and testing of current drones. We want to use our experiences to create new, more efficient technology with even bigger possibilities. These developments are certainly coming fast, be it in the case of infrared imaging and pollution measurement, or the documentation of cities, landscapes, building projects.

Progress driven by drone technology will soon bring real benefits to our environment and daily lives.


Reality in 3D

In the time that we have been working with drones we have experienced that there is never one general course or development.

This is what we find most exciting about our work: Every new project is made up of different challenges and new creative influences. From the fun of working with other creatives, to the scouting of locations, with the privilege of seeing land-and-cityscapes like never before.

To go through this process as a whole – with all of these elements coming together eventually leading to the successful completion of the image – is what makes our work so rewarding.

A really exciting project that we are concentrating on these days – and an example of the direct link between the creative elements inherent to the work with drones and those of science and technology – is the generation of 3D images.

The images used to generate highly realistic 3D models are taken at extremely high resolution from the air. The possibility to insert these images into any background from any perspective is enabling a creative freedom that was once only just imaginable. It also helps to optimize the documentation of buildings and sites, and measuring construction data.

Due to these possibilities we are getting more and more interest from institutions within the fields of science and technology.

Driven by these developments we are on course to create a new branch of our company – applying our knowledge gained from film and photo production to the benefit of science and research related technologies. For example, we are now developing a long range drone to provide new possibilities when conducting fine dust measurements.


Flying with Podio

From the beginning we were looking for a tool to organize and structure our start up. We tried different software tools but we always ended up coming back to Excel because of the time we had to invest in understanding the new software always seemed to be too much. As our projects became more and more complex, with more people getting involved, we needed a practicable solution to have an actual overview of all our projects and costs.

A friend of mine who founded a company a few years ago told me about Podio. We gave it a try and subscribed for the start up sponsorship – it’s the first project management software we are actually using. It was easy enough to just start working with straight-away and the support, if needed, is great.

That was the start of a beautiful friendship. Now Podio is keeping us organized while we focus our attention to detail, enthusiasm for new challenges, and the use of sophisticated technology on bringing aerial photography and filmmaking to even more customers around the world.