The Creator release: what you said, what we're doing

Yesterday’s Podio Creator release was the biggest change to Podio since the original launch more than three years ago. A team has worked on this for the last six months, and is the culmination of years of feedback, feature requests and inputs. While your response to these changes has been overwhelmingly positive, there has also been some very clear feedback which I am going to address here.

Tabbing between fields

One of the primary goals of the project was to make it faster to view and create items. We did many technical changes to improve the speed of creating items, and we added options to quickly create another and create a duplicate. We failed however in making it possible to tab between fields when creating or editing items. We are working to bring this back, and hope to have it available later this week. As part of that improvement we will also be adjusting the validation of required fields so you don’t get stuck in a required field when creating an item.

Updating the items in an app

When creating, updating or deleting items in the overlay from the app view, the app view is not updated to reflect the changes when the overlay is later closed. This makes it confusing and hard to use for a number of reasons:

  • You cannot see the items you just created, and makes you doubt if the items were in fact created at all.
  • You cannot see the changes you have made to the badge, row or card, which makes it hard to process a list of items effectively.
  • Items you delete still show up, even though they have already been deleted.

We will begin work on fixing all of the above later this week, but we expect this to take some days, due to a number of technical challenges in implementing it.

No slide-out or fold-out

In the old version, there were two functionalities for quickly viewing an item. On the app view you could click an item, and a small version of the item would slide out from the right. On an item the referenced items could be fold out for another version of the same functionality. In many ways we were never happy with that solution.

The pop-out had very limited information, and it was presented in a format that was different from everywhere else. The slide-out was very good for a quick overview, but due to its size, it was compromised in the features and interactions it could support.

We wanted to create a consistent version of the item that we could use everywhere without compromising the features. Over the years we have evaluated many different designs, and felt that the overlay solved the problem the best. We worked hard to make it very fast so you could quickly navigate between items and so the benefits of the old versions were not lost.

From the feedback we have gotten, we can however clearly see that the new version doesn’t quite cover the old functionality. We are not yet sure what the right solution to this is, but our designers are currently looking into possibilities. Until then we will continue to work short term on making the current navigation easier to use and understand.


You have found many more bugs in the new features than we would have liked. We have been testing the new features for months and later in the process, shared them with our many beta-testers. Despite this too many bugs made it into the final release. We are fixing these as our first priority, and the first batch of fixes is going out as I write this. If you run into any issues or bugs, please report them to, so we can get them fixed as soon as possible.

One last thing

In addition to the above we have also received feedback on many other smaller issues. We are organizing and keeping track of all of them, so even if your issue is not mentioned above, rest assured we are working on many more improvements. Please add any additional feedback in the comments below and I will respond to it all.

The team that worked on this is fully committed to solving the above issues and fixing any and all bugs. We have put our heart and soul into this project, and we will do our utmost to make sure the new Podio experience is in every way better than the old.