More power to you: The Podio Creator release

Late last year we set out to refine the essence of how Podio helps teams get their everyday work done. We questioned everything – from how people are most successful with Podio, to whether our initial vision of giving the power to manage work back to the people who do the job has been realized.

After an exhaustive research process – including hundreds of interviews with Podio users – we agreed on a clear strategy: simplify the core functionality of Podio while dramatically enhancing its power.

More than one million customized apps have now been created on Podio – enabling as many unique ways of getting work done. Our mission to make teamwork more productive by putting teams in control of the tools they use has changed the way hundreds of thousands of companies work.

We’ve now taken this core of Podio and completely reimagined and redesigned the entire experience – making every element more powerful on the way. Today, we welcome you to the Podio Creator release.

Apps – easier to use, even more powerful

To make it easier and faster to take advantage of Podio’s flexibility, we’ve taken away the regimented process of setting up how content is structured with Podio apps.

Creating and customizing apps to organize your work is now done on the fly, at the same time as you’re adding content – helping you get that perfect structure that’ll save everyone time. It’s even easier than that spreadsheet we all once used when we couldn’t find a better tool to get the job done.

Every field type in your apps now has added functionality, too – from advanced Calculations, to Relationships that link content together. You can do a lot more, with less time to get set up.

App Items – better looking, faster to get around

A beautiful new design presents a clear view of your content – your app items. Projects, designs, sales leads, and every other kind of app item you create with your apps, has a clean new look that puts the focus on your most important information.

Podio Item

The conversations related to your work in the form of comments are now shown to the right of an item’s content, along with a full history of edits and activity. When you want to move between items – for example, from project to project – simply key right or left.

Items now load more than 200 percent faster – an improvement you’ll notice immediately.

We’re not known for naming our releases, but we chose to with Podio Creator as we feel that (despite adding many completely new features) this is more than a feature release. It’s our commitment to helping you create the platform for your team’s success. We hope you’ll love it.