Podio for nonprofits reaches 2500 organizations

Today we want to highlight one of Podio’s most awesome but least known programs, Podio for Nonprofits. If you’re a registered nonprofit organization anywhere in the world, you are eligible to get free access to Podio for your team, your community and your clients. Forever.

Over the last few years we’ve sponsored more than 2500 organizations – and they’ve used Podio to drive positive change in all kinds of communities.

Research shows we’re only just getting started, however. According to Columbia Social Work Review’s 2013 report, only 35 percent of nonprofits use mobile devices and applications to manage work, while only 20 percent use software systems to record data for things like client and volunteer management.

By making Podio freely available, we want to help remove some of the technology adoption and implementation hurdles these organizations face so they can spend more time making life-changing contributions to their communities, and less time managing how they get their work done.

DANSIC, a student-led organization aiming to create a new generation of socially responsible corporate leaders – and to challenge existing leaders to think differently – have run their operation on Podio for more than two years, including their flagship annual conference. We caught up with a team from DANSIC to learn how and why:

We hope you’ll help us spread the word about Podio for Nonprofits – or sign up today – to take advantage of this program for your charity or cause.