2013: The Year the Tide Turned Against Email?

Was 2013 the year when the world started questioning if email is really the right tool for work together in teams?

As McKinsey & Company reported this year, knowledge workers are spending an average of 28 percent of their workday on email and another 19 percent searching for information – the latter surely being one of the consequences of using document attachments with emails to manage work.

Why ‒ when software has been invented to manage all sorts of processes ‒ are email and documents still the default for getting work done?

We believe the answer is their flexibility and ease of use. Anyone can make a spreadsheet that sorts a list of stuff and then email it around, but you need an IT consultant to give you the exact structure you want with a software system. Podio users, however, are proving it doesn’t need to be this way.

Users have created over 800,000 unique Podio apps to organize and track their teamwork. And, they’ve just hit an incredible milestone: 100 million projects, sales leads, job candidates and more are all managed with those Podio apps! Here are the remarkable numbers behind a changing world of work:

Podio In The Numbers 2013

The new level of transparency and accountability brought about by leaving email behind and moving work to Podio is helping diverse teams achieve incredible things with their projects.

One of our favorite stories from 2013 came from the team at Metonymy Media, a creative writing agency that’s grown from three staff and a few interns to over 10 employees in just over a year – using Podio to support their ever increasing team and client base. They’ve even shared how they did it.

Makeshifts’ global team produce their quarterly magazine without sending a single internal email (or even having a fixed office). The marketing team at Cirque du Soleil revolutionized the way they handle creative work. And Uhuru Design built a line of beautiful furniture out of the Coney Island Boardwalk – all using unique Podio apps to handle their workflows. And that’s just a few of the amazing stories we love hearing every day from Podio users.

We can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring. What are your predictions? What is your vision of next-level collaboration?