A More Helpful Help Centre

This week we’ve launched a brand new version of the Podio Help Centre.

This new Help Centre is designed to help you find the information you need quickly and hassle-free. We’ve improved the search function to show not only results from our official support articles, but also results from our community forums where you can see what other Podio users are talking about.

New Help Centre

In addition, you can now see a full history of the support tickets you’ve sent to our support team. Previously you could see the requests you had open, but once they were closed you could no longer access them. Now you can easily go back and see your past conversations with us.

There are some improvements in the Community section as well. Now in addition to being able to “upvote” someone’s post, you can also upvote individual responses to each post. This will help to show the most helpful and relevant comments at the top.

We also want to be clear on which areas of Podio we’ll focus on developing in the coming months. So, in the next few weeks we’ll be going through the Feature Request forum to let you know if your suggestion is something we’re discussing or perhaps if it’s already been built. Your ideas are always really valuable – we just want to be transparent about what you can expect in the near future.

Check out the new Help Centre here and let us know what you think.