New Item Activity Streams

In the Podio product team we’re currently working on new ways to make Podio App items even more powerful, and today we’re releasing an update that puts all your item activity into one clear view.

Below your app item content itself you’ll now see not only the comments your team make, but also the full activity of the item with the comments in between. Everything that happened, in the order it happened.

It makes comments much more contextual and helps you get an overview of what exactly happened and when. You can get the revisions up by clicking a link next to the action itself (it also lets you revert any changes should you wish to do that).

And if you want to focus on the comments, you can hit the Comments toggle to filter out activity. Here’s how it looks:

Item Activity Stream

We hope this update will enable you to get a clearer view of progress on projects, sales leads, etc. as the work is actually happening.

And for those larger projects, you’ll be able to use this information in your project’s review process to gather learnings for how you can work even more efficiently in the future.