Boost Your Campaigns with the New Podio Marketing Management Apps

Managing marketing projects and workflows is one of the most popular uses of Podio. (Take the team at Cirque du Soleil, for example.) To make it easier for you and your team to get started with marketing on Podio, we’ve created a new App Pack. You can get the Marketing Management pack free in the Podio App Market – and of course, you can easily customise the apps to work like you do.

I’ve used similar apps to these for the last couple of years to work with my team at Podio, so I thought I’d share a few tips on how to get the most out of the pack.

Campaigns app – planning, goal setting and the point of reference

Here’s where you plan out the goals and the big numbers you’re trying to hit with your campaigns. Set a project manager and team that will be working on the project, assign the budget and select the buyer personas you’re targeting. The Campaigns app is less of a workflow app and more of a place to create the main outline of your campaign, perhaps by attaching presentations and other documents. Most importantly, the campaigns you create here will be referenced by the Content Planner and Artwork Approval apps described below.

Content Planner app – structuring, tracking and approving content

The Content Planner app could be your most used app in this pack. Once you’re squared away in the Campaigns app, you can start using this app by lining up the content that will be produced for the campaign. Indicate who is in charge of its completion, who will be producing it and when it should be published.

Say your company has some news to share with your customers and followers. You need a blog post, a press release, an email send and posts for your social media channels. Typically, such a process could be managed in a spreadsheet with a slew of other documents containing the content that goes back and forth via email.

By managing the production of this content in your Content Planner app, you’ll get a great overview of the status of each part of your campaign, and your team will stay aligned with when each piece of content should be ready and published. You’ll avoid the problem of having the wrong document version and the risk of individuals not recognizing what they’re responsible for.

This app works just as well for ad hoc blog posts, social posts, etc., that may not fit into a particular campaign but should still be aligned with the publishing of other content and the workload of those making it.

Artwork Approval app – requesting graphic design work, reviewing and sign-off

If you saw the video of how Cirque du Soleil manages marketing on Podio, the concept of this app will be familiar to you. They call their app “Jobs”, but the function is similar to the Artwork Approval app. Anyone in the workspace where this app is situated can enter a request for artwork or graphic design assets and assign it to someone to work on. It could be artwork for a new brand identity or something smaller, like a simple graphic for a social media post. Either way, you can link the artwork created here to the content or campaign that it will be used in – keeping everything in context and easy to find.

But that’s just the first half of the workflow for using this app. Once your designers have got the artwork to a stage where they’d like it to be reviewed, they can attach a screenshot of the work to the app item and change the status to “Waiting for Approval”. The requester receives a notification and can review the work, approve it or provide feedback. Once the work is approved, designers can attach the high-res artwork to the item either by uploading the files directly or through any of Podio’s file sharing integrations – for example, Dropbox or ShareFile.

We showcased a workflow like this in the demo video of the Podio mobile app, so here’s a look at how it works in action:

Meeting, Webinars, Competitors, Buyer Personas apps – supporting your campaigns and helping your teams work together

Along with the three apps detailed above, there are four more apps in this pack.

The Meetings app – with integrated GoToMeeting HD video conferencing – enables you to host meetings with a structured agenda, notes and follow-up tasks. With the Webinars app, you can plan everything you need to conduct a great webinar – whether for an audience of your social media followers or your company and clients.

The Competitors app is the place to share information about your competitors’ marketing strategies and discuss them with your team. You can rank competitors based on how important they are to your business and indicate which buyer personas they are targeting that overlap with your own. Speaking of which, the Buyer Personas app gives you a template for building and sharing your buyer personas, including images and a status of whether they are currently being targeted. Building personas this way will make sure they’re always up to date and available to everyone who needs them, rather than being tucked away in a slideshow presentation.


I hope this guide is helpful if you’re just getting started with marketing on Podio, or if you’d like to expand the way you already do so. If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences, feel free to leave me a comment below. And don’t forget, you can get the new apps free in the Podio App Market.