Lose the Wait at Work: Podio Chat, Out Now!

Instant messaging (IM) has revolutionized ad hoc communication for businesses around the world. Getting answers to questions quickly with minimal waiting has increased efficiency greatly. However, the potential of IM has not yet been fully realized, because it is still another communication silo, separate from your projects, your sales leads… your work.

This all changes with Podio Chat.

You can now hold one-on-one or team chats, right inside Podio. No pop-out windows, no need to log in somewhere else, no lost files, missing input or forgotten ideas. See when your co-workers are online and start a chat that will be neatly stored as part of an ongoing conversation in Podio.

Podio Chat is out now. If you’re new to Podio, find out more and sign up here – it’s free.

It’s real work in real time.

ChatThe recent launch of Live Commenting introduced deeply in-context real-time conversations to projects, sales leads – anything you manage in Podio.

Podio Chat goes a step further by bringing a complete IM experience into Podio, not only on the web but also on mobile devices with the Podio apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

With Chat comes a new way to receive notifications.

Updates about activity like new status posts, comments and edits to app items now have their own place, aptly called Notifications – the small signal icon to the left of the Chat icon.

The Chat messages page becomes the place for your conversations, combining private messages and chats into ongoing threads with individuals and groups. This makes finding important discussions and content you’ve shared much easier.

Get ready for audio, video, Podio.

This summer you and your co-workers will be the biggest blockbuster on your screen! Make decisions, solve problems and get creative with audio and video chat – enabling face-to-face collaboration right inside Podio.

You can see how we’re bringing real-time communication and collaboration together in this special preview of Video Chat: