Design Improvements Out Now

The updated Podio design is out now, with a new slide-in workspace menu replacing the old workspace menu on the left of Podio.

The new menu makes getting to your workspaces faster and gives you more room to view the content that’s most important: your apps, activity streams, tasks and work. Here’s a tour of the changes:

New Workspace Menu

The most noticeable design change in this update is the introduction of a new slide-in workspace menu that replaces the current menu bar you see on the left side of Podio.

In the top-left corner of Podio, you’ll see the “Go to a workspace” button. Click here and a list of your workspaces and the option to create a new one.

Pro tip: Hit “G” on your keyboard and the workspace menu will open. Start typing the name of your desired workspace and press Enter when it appears below to go to the workspace.

Go to a workspace

Updated Blue Top Bar

In the new design, the blue bar at the top of Podio has also been tidied up.

On the right side of the blue bar, you’ll find a new way of accessing your personal profile, account settings and user login. Click the small person icon and the menu will drop down.

You’ll also find your Inbox to the right of the blue bar.


More Powerful Search

Click the magnifying glass icon in the blue bar (or hit “S” on your keyboard) and you’ll find an improved predictive search feature. You’re able to search for apps, workspaces, people, app items and tasks.


The improvements to search enable you to view suggestions for what you’re looking for as you type. No longer will you need to leave the page to view the search results.

The green item creator button (previously found in the top-right corner of Podio) has been incorporated into search. As a result, before you type any criteria into the search box, you’ll see your most used apps appear – giving you one-click access to your apps without having to go to workspace first.

Pro tip: Type the name of an app into search, tab down to select it and hit Shift+Enter to go straight to creating a new item in this app.

Out now…

We really hope you love working with the new design. If you have questions, feel free to leave us a comment below.