Podio Partner, TECHeGO Creates Advanced Podio Webforms for Magento eCommerce

Based in Mesa, Arizona, TECHeGO was founded in 2004 as a Technology Consulting Firm. We are a team of 12, and, since the beginning, our focus has always been working with businesses online. From custom website design, development and optimization to turn around strategies and process improvements. We have helped hundreds of businesses streamline processes, improve reputations, expand to new markets and, most importantly, increase sales and customer retention.

We have worked with companies from nearly every industry vertical and web platform imaginable, spanning all programming languages. On the evening of April 9, 2011, while researching process improvements for a client, I stumbled across a little company in Copenhagen called Podio. I read through their entire site, created an account and began playing in the App Market and with the App Builder. What began as client research ended with me pulling an all-nighter so I could consolidate our entire company workflow into a simple and efficient business process!

Bottom line: I was in love. And on June 8, 2011, we became the first Podio Partner in the United States.

This post marks our two-year anniversary of discovering Podio. We are excited to be a part of their growing ecosystem and honored to take part in the Podio Partner Program. As one of the few partners in the United States that does both Podio implementations and technical integrations, we have begun an aggressive campaign to integrate Podio with as many platforms as we can. Therefore, without further delay, I present to you our first of many commercially available Podio Integrations.

Advanced Podio Webforms for Magento

The ability to create and embed a custom webform from an app is one of the many features that sets Podio apart from its competitors. However, what if you are seeking to create a more complex webform – one attached to an inventory item, capable of dependent fields, price adjustments based on field values or an image instead of a text description?

In the eCommerce platform Magento, inventory items have the ability to have custom options assigned to them. These native custom options provide an easy way to offer a selection of product variations to your customer and this is great if you are selling apparel items with variables like sex, color and size.

Adding custom options in Magento
Adding custom options to inventory items in Magento.

What about businesses that need a lot more than just basic product options and, to top it all off, would like everything to funnel into their Podio workflow for instant processing? Normally, you’d be out of luck. That’s why we chose to develop this extension!

Example: Outside Sales Personnel

Current Process

You have an outside sales team that visits a customer’s location to sell your product. Your current sales process requires them to fill out order forms that are turned in at the close of the day. Those forms are manually entered as a sale, an invoice is generated, payment to invoice is made by the customer and the completed order is scheduled for delivery or installation. This one sale can take weeks to process, and it all relies on the customer paying their invoice on time.

Improved Process

Using Magento, you build out your entire product catalog assigning a value, image and quantity to every inventory item. With our Advanced Podio Webform Extension installed, you can now build out and replace your manual sales order form. Your sales team, now armed with a computer, tablet or smartphone, can configure each item ordered then add it to cart. Upon estimate or sales order completion, the cart automatically calculates the order total and applies tax and/or delivery costs (if required). The customer account is then created, payment is accepted on site and, upon order completion, our extension then pushes the data (Customer Info, Order Details & Custom Options) directly into a Podio App and your workflow. What once took weeks can now be completed in just one day. Everyone in the organization is notified of the sale, and managers are thrilled to see real-time data for their staff in the field. Here’s a look at how it works:

The list of processes that can be streamlined using our extension is huge; however, we wanted to share a select handful:

  • Any outside sales teams
  • Project estimating i.e. construction
  • Material purchasing i.e. interior decorators
  • Product registration form i.e. extended warranties
  • Product sales questionnaires i.e. market research
  • Subscription forms i.e. event management

Take a moment to review some of the custom processes we have built out as working examples:

If you decide this extension is something that can benefit your organization or would simply like to learn more about it, please visit our dedicated product page: http://bit.ly/10jaWH9