New Feature: Let the Live Show Begin with Real-Time Commenting

As we announced at the end of last year, 200,000 companies have now jumped on Podio to change the way they collaborate for the better. But there’s no resting here. We have grand plans for what the future or work will look like, something that we can reveal more about today.

One of the best things about Podio becoming part of Citrix last year is that we can bring great technologies together to create an even more powerful platform for you. And, we can do this faster than ever.

We’re aiming to add real-time collaboration to the structured responsibilities, deadlines, and the clear overview that Podio users already enjoy. This will bring live, in context, discussions right into Podio, creating the most complete collaboration experience ever.

Following the initial integration of GoToMeeting in Podio Apps last year we can now bring you further enhancements to Podio’s real-time capabilities, and there’s more to come… Here’s what’s new today:

Live commenting on items: When viewing any app item in Podio, perhaps a project or a sales lead, you’ll see new comments apear as soon as they’re posted by your coworkers. There’s no need to refresh the page or check your inbox.

Presence on items: Along with seeing how many people are following an item, you can now also see who’s viewing the item at the same time as you, reducing the chance of both editing the item at the same time, but also making it easier to start a conversation with your coworker who are also looking at the same item as you.

And one more thing… Like comments: Mouse over any comment in Podio and you’ll notice a new like icon. We’ve been testing this within the Podio team for a couple of weeks now as the finishing touches were put on the new commenting features and I have to say it’s been more useful than I expected. Of course it’s nice to be able to like witty comments, but it’s also a useful gage of opinions when we’re making decisions. You find that you’re getting more feedback and information than before because it’s so easy for people to show they agree with something, rather than needing to write a comment and really involve themselves in the discussion.

We’ve made a little animation to show you how these new features work (and in doing so proved there is a use for animated GIFs beyond clips of cats doing funny things!)

That’s the present, but what’s the future? Well, at Citrix Synergy in Barcelona last year we gave a special preview of some of the exciting real-time features we’re working on now. You can watch the video of this demo and find out more about our vision of real-time collaboration here.