Sharing and Openness Win in Collaboration

Twice as many tasks shared than private; 80 percent more status messages than private messages.

Podio users are leading the way in proving that openness is the key to eliminating silos and collaborating efficiently. From the 200,000 organizations now on Podio, new numbers show that in all but essentially confidential situations Podio users find openness more productive.

Right after the launch of Podio, we embarked on a World Tour with leading thinkers in the world of social software. What we heard from them and early Podio users, was that sharing and peer recognition were the key to achieving goals when working together. Information silos such as email, and tools that did not show the human side of who you were working with were holding teams back.

Twice as many tasks created on Podio are shared in workspaces rather than assigned privately. For one, this brings accountability. When teams are aware of how work has been delegated it’s clear who’s responsible for it’s completion and who knows the status of the job. It also enables people to help out if they happen to know something about a particular task. Were these tasks hidden in closed systems, siting in inboxes, or stored in documents, all this would be lost with the all too familiar confusion and double work ensuing.

It’s also heartening to know that 80 percent more status messages are posted in workspaces than private messages are sent. Communicating openly when asking questions and solving problems harnesses the full knowledge of whole teams.

What do you think? We’d love to hear how you’re working and the effect of increased openness and sharing in year team.