Podio Illustrated: 2012

What an amazing year it’s been. More than 200,000 organizations have now realized the Podio vision: empowering people to work the way they want to.

For all of us at Podio it’s been a great journey, from celebrating our one year anniversary since launch to becoming part of Citrix. But it’s the incredible growth of happy Podio users that really matters most.

In over 170 countries around the world, teams are turning against rigid one-size-fits-all software to embrace tools that really work like they do. The status of email being the default communication tool in business has been shaken, with companies successfully abandoning internal email and moving to more efficient activity streams.

Podio users have created over 700,000 workspaces, installed 2.6 million Podio Apps from the App Market, and built or modified over 300,000 of their own custom Podio Apps. We love your work!

Seeing such growth is a brilliant way to end the year, and it makes us even more hungry. A few things I’ve loved seeing the most this year:

All the 2.6 million apps installed from the Podio App Market have been built and shared by Podio users. This shows a vibrant community that enables people to get started on Podio by picking an app created by someone else doing a similar job. This is a real departure from using apps built by engineers interpreting how, for example, they believe a project manager should work. With Podio users creating every app, real experts from every industry build them all.

It’s also fascinating to know that more than 300,000 custom apps have been created, representing as many unique ways of getting work done on Podio. It’s always a great experience hearing the stories behind these apps when meeting Podio users, through our support channels, and on the Podio blog – you can see some of our favourites here.

From all of us at Podio, we want to thank every Podio user for a game-changing 2012. Bring on 2013!