New feature: Introducing Podio Share

Work is rarely a private, solo endeavor, but often tools like email confine information to personal silos. If only this information could always be shared with the right people! Podio Workspaces enable you to share with specific groups of people. For example, company departments and project teams. But from today you can do more.

You now have a whole new dimension to sharing, it’s called Podio Share. You can now choose any single item – for example a project – or a task and share it with anyone outside your workspace, even outside Podio! Sharing is good, no doubt. But here’s the thing, we just made it better.

Picture this. Your team uses a workspace to complete projects for your own company and for your clients. You’d like to get feedback on the work, so you share that specific project item with your client. Rather than giving them access to your entire workspace, they’ll simply be able to view, edit and comment on that one item you share with them. You’ll communicate smoothly without long email threads or lost document attachments – helping you create a better end product, faster.

Or perhaps you’d like to outsource a task to a contractor who’s not yet on Podio. Simply create the task, and share it with them. They can then comment on the task, attach content and mark it complete once done.

Podio Share is also great for arranging and hosting meetings. In the Attendees field of your Meetings App you can select colleagues from other workspaces for the meeting, or enter the email address of people outside of Podio. They’ll then gain access to just that particular meeting item, where you can share the agenda, presentation files, and discussions. Plus, if you’re using the GoToMeeting integration you can meet online in HD video right from the item.

The possibilities are endless for what you could share and collaborate on, and you can start now. Want to discuss a potential new hire? Need to team up with another department to finish a project? Want to get feedback on design work from your client? Thinking about sharing content for proofreading with a freelance editor? Give it a go and let us know what you think.

If you’d like a quick guide to how it works, check out this short tutorial video below. If you’re not on Podio yet, sign up for free first. You can do that here.