Introducing Podio Preferred Partners: Here to help you get the ultimate Podio Experience

As of today, you have access to 18 Podio Preferred Partners around North America, Europe, and South Africa! They have been trained and certified to help you get as much out of Podio as you’ve ever dreamt of. Here is why we think this is a milestone and will benefit you greatly if you’re looking for help.

I’m what you might call a Super-Superuser. The Podio approach to customer relationships has always been very hands-on, and sometimes I think that there cannot be a case I haven’t seen or helped build apps for. Still, on a regular basis I run into new things during training sessions where people use Podio for something that I’ve never dreamt of, like tracking train schedules or cleaning swimming pools! It’s just mind blowing to see  there’s yet another use for a product I thought I knew inside out. It’s this close relationship with Podio customers that not only allows us to help them, but enables them to tell us directly about how their work gets done so we can make Podio more useful for everyone.

We feel that our engagement philosophy has played a big role in our success, and so it feels only natural to extend this engagement to our partner program by creating Podio Preferred Partners.

For many people, being a partner means reselling a product. For a Podio Preferred Partner, it’s about adding value. At the basic level, Preferred Partners can help you setup Podio, help roll it out in your organization, and even tweak Podio to add extra features for you, for example a personalized dashboard. But it’s not just the change of tool they can help you with, they’ll also help optimize your processes and how you work. We firmly believe Podio is more than technology, it should be a means of becoming more productive by changing the way you work for the better.

Adding value is also about being closer to you, geographically that is. Our goal is a global network of partners, making it possible for us to create local communities. Yes, it’s great to be mobile and yes, HD Faces on GoToMeeting is great – but let’s be honest, nothing quite beats meeting in person. Having partners in your local area not only enables them to come to your offices and help you. It also means we can create Podio events around the globe so you can meet more local users, share use cases and inspiring ideas.

So for the past three months, I’ve been searching for the right partners to join our new program. I looked for partners who have a knack for people and processes and who are genuinely committed to making a difference. I also wanted the partner profiles and their background to vary a bit. As I mentioned above, there are many different use cases and types of companies on Podio. Podio is not a one-size-fits-all product, so neither are our partners.

Fast forward to today: 18 partners have just completed the first round of Podio training to officially call themselves Preferred Partners. Last week the training took place in Copenhagen. We had partners join in from Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Holland, the UK and South Africa! And today in San Francisco, we are wrapping up the hack day (technical training) with partners from all over the US and even Mexico City.

Now the training is done the Preferred Partner Program is ready to be launched. I would love to hear your thoughts on our new partner program. For example:

  • What type of help would you like to get from Partners?
  • What type of partner events should we host in your local community?

Please let me know your answers to any of these questions or anything else you’d like to know with a comment below (or send me an email). And, if you’re looking to get help from a partner, go here.

Also, if you would like to become a Podio Preferred Partner for the next round in 2013, go here.