Come Together, Right Now: Plinga Eliminate Silos and Double Bookkeeping with Podio Apps

On a recent trip to Berlin I was lucky enough to meet up with the team from Plinga to see how they use Podio. Plinga is the world’s leading social games publishing company, working with developers around the world to publish their work on popular gaming sites. They’ve grown incredibly fast since their founding in 2009. To manage this, employees originally adopting many different web-based tools for their work: from GoogleDocs, to Pipeline Deals, to Basecamp. But, that’s where the problems started.

With this variety of tools came silos and a steep learning curve; employees wishing to collaborate across departments had to learn how each other’s tools worked or how their GoogleDoc spreadsheets were structured, a time consuming process everyone could do without.

Enter Emma Aldridge, a new project manager at Plinga who’d used Podio in her previous job. She created a quick “Questions to IT” app to demonstrate how much more efficient the process of reporting IT problems could be on Podio. This app came to transform the way Plinga collaborate. Inspired by this example, each department began to create their own apps, replacing their other tools in the process.

“By now 80 to 90 percent of our employees are using only Podio, which cuts down on email traffic, [and] on different tools. We have only one solution we have to learn and it’s been a great improvement since then,” explains Dawid Perkowski, Plinga’s head of integrations.

As Arvind, Dawid, Emma, and Monika demonstrate in the video, Podio gives each team at Plinga a bespoke tool for their specific business function, and also connects the whole company into a coherent workflow.

The real key to productivity here – something that’s applicable to every company – is how Plinga connect the sales side of their business to those completing projects. This stops a flurry of email threads with possible miscommunication, and removes the double bookkeeping of storing client information in several places.

This is done with the ‘App Reference’ building block that Plinga’s different departments have used when building their apps. The App References link the deals in their CRM Apps to their projects, which in tern can be referenced by more specific apps; for instance for structuring design work and the translation of copy writing. The result is a clear workflow that means project work is only started when a deal is complete, the project team has all the information about the client, and all the resources needed by every team at Plinga can be found in one place.

Media designer, Monika Całusińska explains how this saves her time:

“Everytime I need to find some information like new graphics, materials, deadlines; all I need to do is enter the app for a particular department and I can find it all there. Before I had to send lots of emails, call, and remind myself. Now it’s it just all there and I think it makes it way faster.”

If you’re not on Podio yet, simply sign-up for free today and see how integrated CRM and Project Managent will work for you.