New Ubuntu One Integration: Even Greater File-Sharing Choice in Podio

Every team has their favourite file-sharing service, suited to what they’re working on. Perhaps ShareFile for the sales and legal teams, the design team using Dropbox and marketing writing copy in Google Docs. Each of these services may be great for each team but with separate tools comes that inevitable problem of how they talk to one another, email.

That’s why Podio integrates every major file-sharing service – including the hot newcomer Ubuntu One – to help avoid what can become an unstructured mess of email attachments and links to different services bouncing around your inbox. Instead, Podio makes it possible to share any file, from any service in the right conversation, at the right time – truly making them part of your workflows and projects.

If you’re not using Podio yet, signup for free here. Find out more about how it works with Ubutu One below.

To get started, simply connect your Ubuntu One account to Podio. Click the paperclip, or ‘Add File’ icon anywhere you see it in Podio and select Ubuntu One from the services available. You’ll then be able to share Ubuntu One files in seconds.

Share Ubuntu One files in Podio status updates and messages

Want to share a Ubuntu One file or folder with your team or client? Write a status message in your workspace and attach the right content from Ubuntu One. It’s easy to discuss the file in comments and you’ll spare yourself from another email thread in the process. You can also share Ubuntu One files privately by attaching them to messages on Podio.

Pick content from any file-sharing service and bring it into Podio to add structure and business context.

Add Ubuntu One files to Podio App items

Say you’re using Podio Apps to managing sales in your company. You’re team is working on new sales presentations and these files will be stored on Ubuntu One. You can use a Podio App to structure the work of creating these presentations: deadlines for completing them, who’s responsible for each one, whether their work is a draft or the final version, and perhaps which type of leads the presentation should be used with.

With the files in Ubuntu One attach to the app items on Podio you get the full business context of each file and a simple place to discuss the work at hand. Plus if you’re using the desktop syncing feature from Ubuntu One, that file on Podio will also be completely synced – making sure it’s always up to date.

You can create your own Podio App without any technical skills and structure your specific workflows for creating files. This could be anything from creating design wireframes to producing financial plans. It’s also a great time saver to simply attach files from Ubuntu One to the relevant Podio App items for future reference. For example, attaching employment contracts to employee records in your Podio App for HR or invoices for client project work you’re doing.

Attach Ubuntu One files to Podio Tasks

If you need someone’s feedback on a document stored on Ubuntu One, simply create a task, assign it to your co-worker and attach the Ubuntu One file to the task. Your co-worker will have access to the Ubuntu One file, can add comments directly to the Podio task and you’ll be notified in your inbox when they’re done.