New 'Card Layout' and 'Full Screen Mode'

Project management isn’t for the faint of heart and sometimes you just need a new perspective on things… or maybe even two? Well, prepare to feel refreshed with some very, very useful new ways to look at Apps and information on Podio!

Today we’re introducing ‘Card Layout’ and ‘Full Screen Mode’ for Podio Apps, designed for those times when you need to clear away the distractions and focus on just one project and its moving parts.

Card Layout is a new way of visually displaying the items in your Podio Apps, enabling you to put projects and deliverables (or any other type of information) on “cards” that are categorized to display progress through different stages of your workflow.

Full Screen Mode – available for all of the different app layouts including the new Card Layout – helps you get a fully focused overview of the work in your apps.

Card Layout

Card layout presents your Podio App content in a grid-like layout. More elegant and easy to interpret than commonly used Gantt Charts for project management, each app item (e.g. a project, deliverable, customer, candidate, design or whatever else you have in your Podio Apps) is represented by a “card” that is organized in columns and rows, representing the different fields or ‘building blocks’ used in your Podio App’s structure.

The columns and rows in Card Layout can be selected by each individual Podio user, depending on how the information is best displayed for a given purpose. A good example would be to base the columns of Card Layout on the categories in a Category field in your app. This could simply be the status of deliverables, such as: Not started, Working on, and Complete, so your cards would be displayed like this:

You can drag and drop each card into another column to change the category or value of that App item; for example, moving one item from Working on to Complete.

You can take things further by organizing the cards into rows, too. Your columns could be the previously mentioned categories and the rows could represent the different team members working on the project, and the items they are responsible for. Some more great use cases for Card Layout could be:

  • Sorting job applicants by qualification: Not good enough, Okay, Want to meet. Or, job candidates based on process stage: Application reviewed, Arranging interview, First interview, Second interview (try Podio Recruitment Apps here).
  • Following up on sales leads with likelihood of a sale categorized horizontally: cold, medium, hot; responsible sales person shown vertically (try Podio Sales Apps here).
  • Bug tracking with bug prioritized horizontally: Low, Medium, High; responsible developer shown vertically (try a Podio Bug Tracking App here).

Full Screen Mode

The aptly named, Full Screen Mode, enables you to view just the contents of any Podio App you’re working in, effectively focusing and simplifying the display of any given content or information being interacted with. Just as your larger monitor has helped you perceive, interpret and interact with your work more intimately, Full Screen viewing will give you that same experience by augmenting the display of any Podio App to open the browser screen to the full monitor size.

Well there you have it, Podio Card Layout and Full Screen Mode. Try it out and let us know what you think. We’ve also made some big upgrades to the way different App Layouts and Filters work together to create fully customized ‘Views’. Podio’s CTO, Phil Chambers has a great post to help you make the most out of them that you can read here.

Want to take advantage of these two amazing ways of getting your work done? If you haven’t yet, sign up for Podio here – it’s free!