New Android App: Get your Podio Apps & Workspaces on your Phone - Be Productive Anywhere

It’s been fantastic to hear so many great stories of how you’re using Podio on your Android phones: from reviewing new job candidates as they apply, to managing task lists on construction sites and even coordinating band performances! As of today, you can now do much more!

The new Android App puts your Podio Apps and Workspaces right onto your mobile. Any of your existing Podio Apps will work on your Android – helping you and your coworkers stay productive, wherever you are.

Download the new app for free on Google Play and please leave us a review there, we’d really appreciate it. If you’re not using Podio yet don’t forget to sign up first, it’s free.


One company already using the new Android app is Nørrebro Bryghus, a Danish microbrewery with big ambitions. Their unique, all organic beers have won acclaim and customers around the world. Sales Director, Anders Kleinstrup calculates that Podio and the new Android App saves each of his staff half a day a week, by reducing their email clutter and admin tasks. They now spend that time on what’s most important – being out the office meeting customers. See the full story in the video above.

Build your own work app for your Android

Podio set out to empower you to manage your work in an easy and efficient way. If you use Podio you probably also use some apps, these are the core of getting work done on Podio. Anyone can build their own app on the web-version of Podio – no technical skills needed – and it’ll instantly be available through the new Android App, truly enabling you to work from anywhere. Some great uses for your Podio Apps on your phone: reporting expenses, managing sales leads, taking field notes, spotting trends, and tracking bugs. Have a different use-case? Just build your own app in minutes. [See how here]

What you can do with the new Android App

  • Customize your Podio mobile home-screen with all your favourite Apps and Workspaces.
  • Create and edit app items from your Android for everyone to work on.
  • Put photos and video directly into your app items.
  • Quickly find what you’re working on – for example, use app filters to only see deals with closing dates this week.
  • Access your workspaces to post status updates and get an overview of all the activity in the workspace.
  • Manage your personal task list and assign tasks to your coworkers.

What do you think?

Once you’ve tried the new app [available here] help us improve Podio as a mobile work tool by giving us your feedback below or by tweeting using @podio. We’re really looking forward to hearing how the new app will help you work. And of course, if you’re not using Podio yet – signup for free before trying the app.