Introducing Podio for iPad

It’s here, Podio for iPad! A stunning new Podio experience available now in the App Store. The new app brings to the iPad all your workspace activity streams, tasks, contacts and the apps you use to manage projects. That’s a lot, but Podio for iPad is designed to make getting work done as simple as possible, no matter where you are.

Build your own apps and use them instantly on your iPad

Moving from spreadsheets and email to a more social, connected and effective way of working is now easier than ever. The simple, drag ‘n’ drop App Builder– available on the web version of Podio –enables you to create apps to plan, structure and execute work with your team. From today, all these apps will be instantly available on your iPad (along with your computer and iPhone) giving you more flexibility to work they way you want.

One company already taking full advantage of Podio on the iPad is 12 Stars Media, an innovative video production company based in Indianapolis, USA. Check out their video to see how Podio for iPad keeps their team in sync between filming locations, client meetings and the editing room:

Now it’s your turn, see what you can do with Podio on your iPad

The Podio iPad app is now available for everyone and it’s free, just search for Podio in the App Store on your iPad and you’ll find us there. Once you’ve tried it we’d really appreciate if you’d let us know what you think by posting a review in the App Store.

We completely re-imaged the look of Podio when building the iPad app. Here are a few of the ways that having Podio on your iPad will enable you to work more efficiently from any location: