Introducing Workspace @Mentions for All!

When you have something to say to your whole company department or project team it’s probably pretty important or something particularly urgent. Today, we’ve made this a lot easier and a lot more reliable than sending out a bunch of cc-emails.

You can now @mention all the members of your workspace in one go – helping you solve problems faster, making it easier to locate the right people to talk to, or simply giving you a more social way to share praise for some great work.

Previously, cc-emails or emailing a whole mailing list was the easiest way of getting such a message out. But when the replies started to come in, the problems started… No one would know what each other was saying, or if people used ‘reply all’ everyone would end up with a ton of emails to sift through just to have a conversation. Either way, the whole process was slow and often pretty stressful.

Now you can just type @ followed by the name of your workspace – e.g. @Sales – and everyone in the workspace will be notified about your status message.

Say you spot an anomaly in your sales revenue figures in a monthly report. You’d just mention your sales workspace, write a short status message explaining the problem and attach the report so everyone’s sure of what you’re talking about.

You can then have one clear conversation, with your co-workers replying to your status with comments. All the members of your workspace will be notified about each comment so there will be no wondering if someone has replied, or if that comment solves the problem.

Plus, with the Podio mobile apps your co-workers can get a push-notification about these mentions. So you can be sure that everyone in your team will join the conversation, no matter where they’re working.