Podio just got faster, and better looking

We’re always exploring new ways to make working on Podio faster and easier, whilst simultaneously slightly more beautiful. I hope these new updates will do just that. So I’m proud to introduce to you:

The Podio Creator

That handy new green button sits in the top of our header, and allows you to create app items no matter where you are on Podio. Simply click it, or hit “N” on the keyboard, and you’ll be show the list of your most used apps. You can also use the keyboard to select your favourite, and create an item instantly. This gets more interesting, when we talk about…

Linked items

As most of you know, you can already use the app reference field in the app builder to create apps that reference other apps. That’s a really powerful feature, but sometimes, you haven’t previously set up the structure, and you just want to express that something, say, a support ticket, was ultimately linked to a sale. So if you hit “N” for the creator when you’re already looking at an item, you’ll link them together too.

Two new app views

Also along the lines of better looking, we’ve introduced refreshed badge and table views for your apps. Not only are they smarter, but also more configurable – you can finally get the columns you want in your table, and you can scroll. You can also now instantly switch between views, without having to go to the app builder to do it. Neat huh? Well yes, but not a cool as….

Slidey-out panel technology

The crown jewel in today’s bumper crop of features, we’re really excited about sharing this with you. For the first time on Podio, it’s possible to view and edit all the items in your app without leaving your app view. We simply slide the item in from the right, and you can edit everything in place, instantly. This makes working with lots of app data a breeze, and even more fun! That’s just the start for this technology, and I’m sure you can already imagine the other applications we’re working on.

So, we’d love your feedback on today’s release, and hope your Podio experience is faster, better looking one tonight!