Make the Most of Your Meetings: Upgraded Apps & GoToMeeting Integration!

Team meetings are a key part of getting work done and can serve as a springboard for new ideas, fast collaboration and problem solving. Because meetings are a staple of projects and teamwork, we’ve been building something to better support meetings and make them even more productive!

Today’s upgrade to Podio Apps includes a sweet new integration with GoTo Meeting that’ll help your meetings become the pivot points of your team’s productivity: with everything from planning, conducting, and managing the action items from a meeting, in one place.

You can now modify any of your existing meetings apps – or grab one of the apps from the Podio App Market – to add the new meetings features. See the step by step guide below if you need a hand.

When you create a meeting with an upgraded meetings app, everyone you wish to attend will get an invite, they can reply with the new RSVP feature, and when the meeting’s about to start they’ll get an on-screen reminder, or a notification on their phone. But most awesome of all, if you’re in different locations you can meet online in seconds…

Podio is now integrated with GoToMeeting

A month back when Podio became part of Citrix we said we’d soon unveil some cool stuff together, and along with a new Sharefile integration, today sees the launch of GoToMeeting for Podio.

GoToMeeting makes it super simple to host an online video meeting with up to 15 people – so you can do more virtually and travel less.

You can now connect your GoToMeeting account to Podio and include a GoToMeeting in any meeting you create on Podio. Those you invite can join the GoToMeeting straight from Podio, and in seconds you’ll be able to connect in real time, share screens, and conduct the meeting in glorious HD! If anyone you invite isn’t at a computer, they can hit the reminder notification they’ll get on their mobile and be dialed into the meeting via their phone!

So, let’s say you create a meeting in your Meetings App, you invite the people you wish to attend, write in the agenda or attach it as a file or Google Doc, and see the RSVPs coming in to let you know who’s coming. Everyone can post comments on the meeting and ask questions, making sure that you’re all on the same page when the actual meeting starts. You can then host the meeting in person or online with GoToMeeting, and afterwards add notes, attach a presentation, and assign tasks related to the meeting – keeping everything in one place, and in context. It’s all about making the preparation before and productivity after your meetings more efficient, organized and less time-consuming.

See how Dr. Andrew Barbash and Dr. Robert L. Smith talk about how they use GoToMeeting and Podio together to change the way they provide health care.

How to update your Podio Apps 

Now you can modify any of your existing apps – or add any of the new Meetings Apps from the Podio App Market – to perform as meeting-based apps. Here’s a quick step by step guide:

1. Go to the app you’re using to manage meetings and click Modify app in the top right corner.

2. Scroll down to below the building blocks that make up the app and you’ll see a new section called ‘Type’ click this, and change the app type to Event. [Shown below]

3. Below the ‘Type’ section, click on ‘Interaction’ and untick the old RSVP feature – this is no longer needed once you have changed the app to become an Event type app. [Shown below]

4. Save your app. Next time you’re creating a meeting in the app you’ll see the new features and you’ll have the option to connect to your GoToMeeting account.

We are really excited to hear how these updates impact your day-to-day productivity around meetings and their ongoing workflow, so please let us know how it works for you, and be sure to turn on the meetings feature in your existing apps where needed.